Sunday, October 15, 2006

Events Surrounding My Sister's Wedding

1) Unlike at my cousin's first wedding, when we arrived we did not see the groom being restrained by the best man, preventing him from 'opening a can of Whup-Ass' up on the bride's brother (since myself and my 2 brothers are actually the Bride's brothers, you can imagine our relief).

2) The imps behaved.
3) Girl.imp was the flower girl (pictures to be posted when we actually have any. It seems somebody forgot to pack the camera...)
4) Several of our relatives commented on the 20 minute ceremony (reminding us that sister's ceremony was NOT as long as a certain Catholic ceremony that they sat through 12 years ago--I would put this in the negative category, but, since I was a member of the audience this time, the shorter ceremony was appreciated)
5) Several relatives showed up that we did not expect to see.
6) Because we hosted my brothers at our house, our house is now mostly clean

1) We showed up at the church 21/2 hours before the ceremony for pictures our imps missed out on lunch. (we eventually left and were able to feed the imps but lost our premo parking space)
2) During the ceremony Girl.imp insisted on sniffing her armpits while standing in front of the church--MORE.THAN.ONCE!!
3) My older brother lost the card that our great aunts entrusted to his care after the ceremony. OOPS!
4) We discovered both imps love to DANCE.IN.PUBLIC (thus bringing home the nightmare that will become my future!!)
5) Somebody forgot to pack the camera and we do not currently have pictures of this event. We will gave pictures but not as soon as we initially hoped.
6) Everyone in the family knows of my lack of rhythm and inability to keep time...ANY time. Thus it should not have been a surprise to the bride that I planned to leave after the dancing and drinking (did I mention that wife.imp and I do not drink?) got into full swing.

Sister-Bride made a personal appearance at our table forbidding us from leaving early. So the latter 1/2 of the reception sucked. I sat and stared at sister until she disappeared (after all, I wanted her to be aware of our presence) then we left.

7) Somehow our TV switched channels (I was recording the game) and I lost the last 3 minutes of the OSU v MSU football game, with no hope of getting them back--EVER!


Waya said...

Uh, I'm glad you had a great time? That's too funny about girl.imp smelling her armpits. I can totally picture it right now. Too cute!

dennis said...

I have to admit that sis busted her hump in getting everything put together. It was fun to see her married and the reception was better than expected. The dj was as good as could be hoped, probably better than advertised actually.

However, when one of the bridesmaids 'had' to explain the purpose of tapping on the crystal to make the bride and groom smooch...and then disappear without following up on the implied action...wife.imp was so frustrated that she tapped the crystal continuously for over 15 minutes before getting a response.

Then, of course, I did get to dance with girl.imp and wife.imp but the highlight of the reception was when I played with My Little Ponies with girl.imp!!!

Diana said...

you lost the last three minutes? Isn't that like a whole half hour more? LOL!!!!!!!

Sorry, didn't mean to laugh. Really.

Sounds like a grand ol' time, playing my little ponies and all!