Sunday, October 01, 2006

Weekend Update

Wife.imp has been at a loss to purchase something nice for my sister's wedding. It looks as if sis wants more practical items. While wife.imp understands this desire, she views weddings as the opportunity to acquire those pieces that can be 'showcase' items that gain in value as they age.

Soooo, after struggling to find something that qualifies both as practical and 'showcase', she turned the job over to me. I went to the store where sis was registered and inside of 15 minutes (I had to buy new boots, a ps2 for the fam, and decided to toss in a pair of slippers for me) I had the gift.

No fuss, no muss and the box makes it easy for wife.imp to wrap!


or so I thought...

While wife.imp picked apart my choice (a coffee maker that was identified as desireable on the list of registered items...apparently sis is not a coffee drinker--who knew? It WAS on the list) she then asked if I:
a) scanned the barcode for the registry (HUNH???)
Yes those columns of numbers on the side of the list actually mean something. Perhaps reading the document for more than the listed items would have been beneficial AND scanning the barcode on the list apparently updates the list in order to reduce chances of someone duplicating our gift.

again...WHO KNEW?

I think this is something that women inherently know. They just seem to absorb this info out of thin air.
b) got the register's Gift Certificate, in case sis accidently placed this item in her registry and needed to return it (or as wife.imp pointed out--perhaps more than one party would purchase this item as it was not annotated as being already purchased on said registry).

Two hours before game time (OSU v IOWA) the neighbor.imp came over and asked of girl.imp could go outside and play. As it was still daylight outside and the rain had not yet arrived, I was forced to allow this intrusion into my gameday preparations.

Then boy.imp wanted to go outside. So then I HAD to go outside. We have no t.v. outside. MY gametime was slowly eroding away as the imps tried to throw rotten apples at each other or smack each other with sticks. WAY.MORE.FUN.THAN.FOOTBALL
Thankfully the thunderstorms arrived 45 minutes before gametime!!

The imps finally got hair cuts and boy.imp actually looks like a boy!


Waya said...

Your wife was so brave to give you that task, or she was just crazy? You pick.

Mama of 2 said...

Yes I do believe there are things that we as women instinctively know. It's got to be in the genes. LOL!

You were a good daddy to go out with the kids...and hey if you were praying to the rain gods while doing it so be it.