Thursday, October 19, 2006


Well it must be the weekend again! It is almost Friday morning (Letterman is starting in 15 minutes) and the imps are at it again!

girl.imp set a new family record (set previously by girl.imp) of taking a 45 minute shower. Now before you go all Village Bezerk on me, I would like to stress that the actual time g.imp spent standing under water was less than 5 minutes (including getting soap in her eyes). The remaining 40 minutes were spent running around the Playground in her unwashed birthday suit. I believe she was making up for the lost time this morning when I yanked her out of bed and into the car inside of 10 minutes (yes we woke up a tad late. but in wife.imp's defense she actually dreamed she was up and about and running on time...)

Girl.Imp is now sleeping on the sofa because she has an 'upset' tummy and since she normally (since the start of the school year) falls asleep by 9 p.m., we are giving her the benefit of doubt.

Boy.Imp tried to match g.imp's new shower record but after 15 minutes I peeled him off of the toilet and plopped him into the shower (fool me once....)

Now he is in his room screaming incoherently about his not being able to sleep and why cannot myself and wife.imp drop everything we are doing (she is playing spider solitaire and I am blogging--important grownup stuff here) and see to his every need? After all he is CUTE--and spoiled.

Yes, I admit that we have spoiled our imps. We blithely strolled down the road of good intentions and...

What is really bad is that we both had smiles of satisfaction when he stopped pronouncing words and just screamed in rage. It means that in a couple more nights (if our willpower is stronger than b.imp's - which is debatable at this point) we'll have imp-free evenings!!

Until then, I am going to be very low key about wife.imp's impending trips. That KIDAR is much too accurate at the moment!


Diana said...

Your wife and I should compare spider scores. I play spider to ignore the morons here at work...

Waya said...

I'm so jealous, imps free night? Yeah, they think we parents were born yesterday or something with their juvie tricks!

sweatpantsmom said...

I frequently have the same dream as your wife, of actually being up and getting things done. Only to realize that I'm drooling on my pillow and my husband is yelling that the kids are late for school again.