Thursday, May 24, 2007


Yesterday was a long, long day. Of course it was the funeral and I decided to wear black. Black suit, socks, shoes, shirt, tie, I even think my underwear was black (however that was a more random selection on my part).

Turns out it topped out around 88 degrees during the funeral. Has anyone ever noticed that graveyards have a definite lack of shade trees?

Just me? Trust me. I really noticed. Not to be disrespectful to the deceased--because he was a pretty awsome guy--but when the honor guard raised the rifles for the salute I half-hoped they would point one or two my way. A fat man in a black (non-cotton) suit on a hot sunny day. Tell me you would not consider that a mercy killing?

So when I got home, niece.imp (lord bless this girl but she was in a tizzy) informed me that my computer choked and died. Literally. The only thing to pop up on the screen when it was turned on was a warning that the config.sys file was corrupted or missing.

If anyone has seen my config.sys file, please send the poor dear home!

i spent the night trying to install everything that was lost when my recovery cd worked its magic. I lost everything on my drive. I had just recently decided that I was going to back up my documents this weekend (details on why is a later post).

There are only two devices that do not yet work as they did before the crash and it would really help work-wise if they would just stop being such pains in the a@@ and work the way I desire!!

So tonight I am going to try and beat these machines into submission...


Maria said...

Black is hot. Literally.

And I am so hopeless with computers that if Bing weren't here, I would be lost. I can get my e-mail, blog, and do research. That is it. If something pops up saying that my cookies haven't been enabled, I immediately go into the kitchen and let them know that they are totally enabled.

DD said...

If I was the type of recently deceased that warranted an honor guard w/salute, I would demand that they use super soakers, even if it was cold outside. And I'd want silly string at my funeral. I had it at my wedding, and it was awesome!

sweatpantsmom said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle, Dennis.

And also about your computer. You've just scared me into getting another drive to backup my files.

Rebecca said...

I had to go to a funeral last August, and I swear it was about 105 degrees with tons of humidity.
They did have a tent at the graveside, but the sun was at this angle that shone in, so there was approximately 8.3" of actual shade......I feel for ya, seriously. Good luck with the 'puter thing.

OKDad said...

When you get everything working the way you want it to again, backup your config.sys file to a floppy or CD. Will save you some time when (not if, when) it happens again.

Or get a Mac and be done with such Windoze nonsense as configuration files that decide the fate of your beloved documents in a blink of an electronic eye.