Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Playground doin's

So I have been not as active in the blogoshpere recently. Maybe you noticed??

What's up dennis? Where have you been? Whatcha been doin?

Nothing too extreme. I'll start with the sad news. There has been a death in the family. A great-uncle recently passed. The worst part is that even though he had been in poor health, it was an auto accident and the dreaded 'hospital virus' that did him in.

It also looks like grandma will also be leaving us soon. However since cancer is eating away at her mind, this might be more a blessing for her.


By the way, the number of popups that report on 'this' status or 'that' number or the 'number of times' I blinked my eyes last minute status--is driving me crazy!


Ok, conversations around the playground:

me: girl.imp, you are getting darker. Pretty soon your tan will be as dark as that chair.
girl.imp: yeah! and you won't be able to see me while I'm sitting here.
me: I know. But your still not as dark as niece.imp
g.imp: I am too!
n.imp: no you are not. I am still darker than you
g.imp: yeah but I'm darker than your boobies!
(me - shutting up because this conversation just took one of those turns that means I should be finding some sort of project to complete in another location--like the garage!)
n.imp: You have not even seen my boobies yet!
me: yet??
(what yet? does there have to be a yet? why are we even anticipating a yet? Why am I still sitting here and not tinkering with the lawnmower or something? YET?)

Two things happened recently that really have highlighted my age:

First: Hair has been growing out of my ears like I have been soaking them in Miracle Grow. I am seriously beginning to ponder using the Laser Hair removal system on my ears!

Second: Because I am hyper-sensitive of this ear hair growth, I have become aware of this one hair that had been growing inside my left ear. I had been picking at it, rubbing it and trying to pull it out for 2 days now. Finally during the middle of dinner I decided it had to go.

Yes, I left the dinner table to use wife.imp's tweezers to pluck a hair out of my ear! I have become that anal!!

Lord help me when i hit my 40s!!


MdG said...

I'm sorry to hear your sad news. I was wondering if something family related was keeping you busy. My condolences.

Piko used to be fascinated by boobs, more specifically nipples. Sarge was not able to walk around without his shirt for about half a year. I'll let you guess why.

As far as the hair growth goes, just wait until it starts growing on the top of your nose.

That Chick Over There said...

Sorry about your family members. :(

creative-type dad said...

Ear hair always scares me a little. My neighbor has Buckwheat stuck in his ear and I can't talk to him without looking at it.

Maybe I should try looking at his boobies.

(Very sorry about your uncle and aunt.)

Maria said...

I was so relieved to read the phrase,"I left the dinner table..."

Because I was so seriously worried that you were going to tweeze at the table...

wayabetty said...

So sorry to hear of the sad news Dennis! But you're right, it's harder to watch your loved ones suffer so much.

As for the hair grow, should I start calling you "Chia Dennis", as in the chia pets?

Diana said...

haha...chia dennis...


sorry about the loss and upcoming loss dude...my thoughts will be with you