Thursday, November 16, 2006

As Heard At Bath Time:

me: ...what's taking you so long?
girl.imp: I'm trying to take off this band-aid.
me: Come here. I'll do it.
g.imp: Will it hurt?
me: It will sting, but not for long.
g.imp: Mommy!
wife.imp: Yes, honey?
g.imp: I want YOU to take this off for me!
wife.imp: Ok. Why me? Why can't your daddy...?
g.imp: He said it will sting. I want you to do it so that it doesn't hurt.
wife.imp: Ok. Stand still (grips one end of band-aid and jerks...)
g.imp: OW!
wife.imp: whoops. It only came half way off. (TUG!)
g.imp: OW!
wife.imp: (TUG!)
g.imp: OW!

g.imp: OW!

me: Here let me do it. (tugtugtug)
me: (TUG!!)
g.imp: OWWWWW!!
me: Ok, go get in the shower now!


Anonymous said...

You broke parenting rule #312 -- Never tell them it's going to hurt.

And you were doing so well too...

Diana said...


You should have just waited for her to be IN the shower and let the band-aid get wet, the pain lessens so much then. I never let my mother take my band-aids off, she was a meanie too but she told me it wouldn't hurt. (as per Tony's parenting rule above.)

Mama of 2 said...

Little Man is the same way would think you were operating on him with out anything to knock him out first.
It's a band aid for heaven sakes. LOL!

I'm assuming you got a little chuckle out of the fact that even though girl.imp asked for mom it still hurt.

dennis said...

I tell you folks, I have read that manual and looking at the language in Rule #312, I did not break any rules!

I defy anyone to point out where I said that it will hurt!

diana: girl.imp was not about to get into the shower while still wearing the bandaid.

dennis said...

Mo2: Now, do you think that I would actually do anything so rude as to actually chuckle at wife.imp's failure??

I might have been sporting the world's largest, cheesiest grins, but I did not chuckle!

mothergoosemouse said...

It's the other way around here - Tacy wants her daddy to do everything for her. Especially hair-brushing. Apparently I'm not as gentle as I should be.