Sunday, November 19, 2006

You realize that you are still a parent when the biggest proclamation of the night is not 'OSU 42 - the men with the Ugly hats 39'

Yes, the Buckeyes (coincedentally our alma mater) is one win away from regaining the national title.

We beat UofM!

We have the potential Heisman winner as quarterback for our team!

One would think that I would be deliriously happy right now. However, boy.imp managed to Harsh my High:

Picture the Scene: On t.v. is the subway commercial where the 'Thin Jared' is wrestling the 'Fat Jared'. boy.imp wanders into the room (filled with my relatives and friends of the family))

boy.imp: It's Daddy!! (pointing at the 'Fat Jared' who is being tossed out of the wrestling ring)

Happy Holidays!

While you are eating your pumpkin pies, pumpkin rolls, and other assorted goodies, please feel free to spare a kind thought for me and my celery and rice cakes...

photo from website:*N5MLy3wo5CvLBPkQJKov4xQp5Fd3Ig=/large/membertag/ohio%20state


Jenny said...

Personally I think the far Jared is kind of hot. Skinny Jared looks like he has some sort of wasting disease.

Mama of 2 said...

Oh say the darnest things...especially your kids. I love boy.imp the comments not so much. Good luck with those celery sticks and rice cakes cause I will be right there with you.

Diana said...

yeah, your kids are cruel. You should start recording these sayings and posting them...!!!LOL!!!
Screw it, eat up on Thanksgiving, save the celery and rice cakes for AFTER!

Waya said...

OUCH! And I'm with that rabbit food for the day after Thanksgiving!!

Izzy said...

maybe he saw the resemblance because like to wrestle? Okay...probably not lol

But whatever to rice cakes and yucky celery! You need to have a slice of that chocolate pumpkin cheesecake I posted about yesterday. I mean if you're going to diet, you might as well have one last really decadent hurrah!

Pageant Mom said...

You can start the tasteless excuses for nutrition AFTER the holidays!! I proclaim it so !!! To diet at Thanksgiving and Christmas is the ultimate Holiday Blasphemy!!!

Anonymous said...

My husband lost around 100 pounds when I was pregnant with my twins. When my kids see that commercial, they think it is "old daddy".

Mama G said...

Go Buckeyes! I have no option but to be a Buckeye fan, thanks to my husband's obsession with them!!