Sunday, November 26, 2006

Time-Hasteners - Take Two

As we are embarking on the current version of the the holiday blues (you know who you are: In-Laws planning on stopping by , Kids are home ALL DAY from school, work is a bear; no more holiday days or sick days, and right now where is all that Darn Snow??

So, because Time is ever moving (no matter how slow), I am proffering items 12-10 on my list of daily interludes:

12: - This baby has been around for years! It has been an Uban Legend. It might very well (and probably is) be fake. But funny is as funny does!

11: - ok, ok you look at this and say 'Whahuh?' But think about it! Stickmen bearing weapons! Ok, it's a bow, but still...

10: - ok, this is officially a trend. But let's take away the bow and update the weapons!


oh, you're welcome!


min said... is the deer in the phone booth with the guy? The dog's trying to get to the deer?

I've got to go back to college and get another degree---there's something I'm not getting.

Happy Birthday. Do you feel older? You look older.

dennis said...

min: thank you. I was feelin' pert near spritely until now...LOL

Izzy said...

I played this awesome game the other day. It was totally addicting. I was going to post it here for you but I can't remember what it's called and I don't have it bookmarked. It starts with a "P" lol

dennis said...

Yes but Pinky Pie Pony is not really my cup of tea...:)