Thursday, November 09, 2006

So This Week Is Almost Over and 'Normalcy' Shall Return

Playground Events:
For the 4th straight day - Up Early!!

(However I did cheat and send boy.imp to the sitter's in his PJs. But she likes kids. She likes my kids. She likes to pamper and spoil my kids. She did not mind at all that he came in his PJs. I did include a change of clothes for him tho. IN FACT, this worked out so well, I have him dressed in his sweat pants for tomorrow morning!)

For Boy.Imp's birthday, I broke my 'TIP REDUCTION' calculator:

Yes, even though service was 'slower than molasses', I relented on my tip reduction principles.

I believe it was because the server actually was somewhat pro-active in her approach. Perhaps she was the only one...She called the manager over and explained the dilemma: 'the imps had been sittingfor over 45 minutes, hungry and mostly well-behaved with no sign of his corndogs or her grilled cheese (I had a fajita).'

So what does the cheapass manager offer? He was going to keep charging full price and comp our desserts! Hell, I had all but written dessert off! I still had homework to review, baths etc... waiting for us at home!

I did manage to remain polite. I was afraid to speak, but I did keep my hands on the table at all times. The food eventually appeared and the imps ate. We then took our free desserts to go. However I did leave a nice tip for the server. (Yes dear, I was thinking of you here as I know that this was a special evening and we should spread the love...).

So we get home and NEITHER imp wants to finish the dessert!!! (Honey, it is all yours when you get home!)


Jenny said...

45 minutes for corndogs?! Unacceptable.

Obviously they don't have children.

Diana said...

you need to stop going to these places, but then I'm thinking now that you do it on purpose!

Mama of 2 said...

Bravo for the server. She sounded great and she deserved the tip you left her for her effort. It's a shame the manager wasn't as good.

I could tell you this much Dennis you have more restraint than the man in my life cause he would have just left without a word to anyone if we had to wait 45 minutes for a corn dog and a grilled cheese. Hell I can make 4 grilled cheese at home in less time and french fries too. LOL!

dennis said...

Diana: sure sure, as if I do not get enough abuse at home, I NEED to go looking for more??

Mo2: I can tell you, I almost 'advised' said server to...'stop coming to the table and telling us our food is not ready and go find somebody who can boil an egg with some degree of confidence...'

however, as I was alone with the imps and was trying to make his 'Birthday Dinner' enjoyable, I had to be contented with gripping the table and smiling pleasantly...

Waya said...

45 minutes for corndogs? Did they have to make the hotdog from scratch? My kids would have not been that nice. It would have been, you guessed it "chew and screw"!

dennis said...

betty: you know, I tried similar lines like that with dates in college with not nearly the anticipated nor even humorous results.

Funny how it 'works' when you are married with kids...