Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Now that we have reached Hump Day...

Events concerning the Playground (Tuesday):

The imps were up and out the door EARLY (see that honey? Early! Am I gloating? Yes! Why? Because that makes TWO days in a row! Yeah Baby!)

Of course wife.imp will take one look at the inside of the house and ask, 'So what was the point? The house is a mess. If you got the imps out as early as you claimed, why is not our humble abode...well...tidy?'

I, of course, will stare at the tops of my feet, mumble something about rain and parades and point out that I did at least take out the trash.

However this is a bridge that need not be crossed until -- later.

Today's News:
Did I say 'two days in a row?' Silly me. Three days in a row baby!! Who rocks? I do!! LOL

However it is a good thing that I browbeat girl.imp into opening her eyes (this girl must have had gene grafts taken from my younger brother. Both she and he could sleep through fires, floods, tornado, hurricane and the larger part of any day.) So I have resorted to the final measure. One that was used so effectively on us, when we were tiny.

After shaking, calling, pulling, rolling girl.imp until my voice goes hoarse, I fill a small tub of ice water and ...

Yesterday and Today she got out of bed without my needing to resort to the 'Early Morning Shower.'

This allowed me to get out of the door, cruise down the street and make a wrong turn in the a.m. rush hour traffic. After turning around and going all the way across town (small towns do have this charm), I dropped g.imp off at school with minutes to spare.

But my big accomplishment was not this. No. Today I corrected a problem that has been nagging the back of my mind ever since the elder sib and his wife stayed with us for our youngest sister's wedding last month.

I made the error of leaving them at home with a DVD playing. It seems they became somewhat disoriented and confused while trying to manipulate the 6 remotes that we use for our entertainment needs. I find no difficulty in managing the remotes. Drop them in a bucket in the dark and I will find the exact one needed for any task. But since ES and Wife suffered for 4 hours without anything to occupy their time (ahem--at least nothing needing further investigation..?), I have felt the need to condense.

The old remotes were not sufficient to universally adapt to all the electronics. So I, today, purchased a 7th remote. Yes, I added one more to the pile (and then threw the pile away). Yes this last remote, all by its lonesome runs every electronic item in the house. And since they are all piled in the corner of the family room, it is quite convenient!

OH! And today is boy. imp’s 3rd birthday. I bought him a remote controlled car. (sorry honey, but you are in Zurich and I am here. LOL!! I cannot wait to try out.....I cannot wait for b.imp to try out his new present!)

Let us look at Tuesday's results:
Events outside of the Playground:

Ohio voted against using Sin Taxes to 'pay' for college tuitions! I guess this finally shows the 'big city mucky-mucks' that we actually do wear more than suspenders and 'chaw on tobaccy out here in the hinterlands!

To date: Gamblers - 0 ; Voters - 3

Smokers - No love given - yet again.


Waya said...

Two days to go and I can see you'll be on panic mode, trying to get the house spic and span.

It seems like you're doing great with the imps!! Great job Dennis, even with the "cold morning shower" routine.

Anonymous said...

I'm ALL for simplifying the remotes. We have the same problem around these here parts, too. And a very Happy Birthday to boy.imp!
He'll be driving before you know it. HAHAHA

mothergoosemouse said...

Happy birthday to b.imp!! I hope you both have fun with the car.

And I can see wife.imp's side of things regarding the condition of the house. But if she's anything like me, she's never fully satisfied with a cleaning job done by anyone else anyway. So no worries.

Pageant Mom said...

Oh that's funny about the remotes! I work at home from time to time, and I like to have the tv on down near the office while I whittle away at my daily does of abuse... invariably, I have to extricate the xbox from the dvd connected to the tivo connected to the equalizer connected to the turntable (yes, turntable), connected to the tv (something like that maybe wrong order) and then I can't find the right remote and when I do I can't make it work so it all boils down to...

SWEARING profusely until I can get my husband (or son, if he's at grandma's or something) to explain to me how to get the actual TV programs to show up!!! I get so frustrated I could claw my own eyes out LOL

Have fun with the remote control car and remember to let your son play with it once and awhile!!!

Diana said...

happy birthday to boy.imp!!!! (belated...)
what you should have done with the remotes instead of thrown them out was sell them on e-bay. Someone is always looking for an original remote that their kids might have broken or something...

dennis said...

diana: Oh, i did not throw the remotes away. They still work. They are merely in storage now.

Diana said...

ah, okay. Because when that ONE remote stops working...trouble...
I learned that the hard way...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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