Monday, September 11, 2006

Cell Phone Rant at the playground

The cell phone is definately the tool of devilish hands. It is entirely too convenient to leave safely at home. It has entirely too many useful functions (functions that, much like the time on my VCR, I have not been able to use even with factory printed directions--in English)

Ringtones are too annoying and varied. Stand in a crowded room for 10 minutes and try to keep count of the number of symphonies, rap/rock songs, chirps, scales, school fight songs that erupt around you. Try to keep track of the conversation in which you are a participant with the distraction of the cell phones.

Try to imagine your life without one. I tried and failed. Therefore I make it my mission in life to 'spread the joy' of this perfect little tool with as many people as I can, when I am driving to and from work. My family/friends know when I am working because when I am at home I do not call anybody for any reason unless wife.imp lays down the law!

Why am I rambling on about cell phones? My current phone/service plan are archaic and the phone is falling apart (but I have to wait a couple more months to avoid premature plan cancellation fees). And my imps have discovered the joys of cell phone use.

girl.imp woke up extra early on Saturday and used my cell phone to call her grandparents and wish them Happy Grandparents Day. She also likes the downloadable games.

boy.imp likes to press the buttons, use the camera function and also play the downloadable games.

I have actually decided to encourage this use. I figure by the time they are teens then this will be as annoying to them as it is to me (wishful thinking? It might be as wife.imp tells me I was born to be a cranky, old man).


Diana said...

Good luck buying a new phone, those salespeople are vultures. I can't stand going to the mall, the salespeople at the little kiosks seem to chase you down the entire length of the mall and into the parking lot...

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

Ah man, it begins. Kids and cell phones are a scary combo.

Fox said...

Hey kids and cells aren't a scary thing if the kid is getting a first phone I think its a very good idea to Get them a Pay-As-You-Go phone and see if they waste all there minutes in the 60 days they have.If they don't they have shown you responsibility and you can give them those digital upgrades like unlimited texting and calling.