Thursday, September 21, 2006

Warning! This Post has Absolutely Nothing to do with the imps! It is about me and the only downside, outside of being away from the fam, of my career

So I have started back to work and for the most part it is working out. It is not perfect but unlike Pickle's Papa, I am not as shell-shocked as I was the first time this happened. I am basically on the round-about of life and this stop happened to be the doorway back into the rat-race.

However, because I am not an office monkey, I drive. In fact, I sometimes resemble the Fuller Brush Man in that I am driving all day just to knock on peoples' doors. But unlike the brush man, I am not selling and I am not going to be immortalized with slighty humorous and risque stories about my escapades!

However, I am running into the problem of disappearing rural communities. You know those empty, township roads that have nothing but bean/cornfields as far as the eye can see? Well, they have pretty much been developed into non-existance. Why is this the topic of my blog?

Well, in the good, 'ole days, if one was feeling the 'Call of Nature' all one had to do was pull over to the side of the road, trot into the farm field and ....
But now the roads are fairly well traveled...all day long. AND with the extra housing did NOT come convenient bathroom facilities. Just more people able to stop and watch what you are doing in Farmer Brown's field.

And since I do not want Farmer Brown to know what I was doing in his field, a different approach must be made:

1- Either I can leave the rural area and drive 10+ miles to a restroom or use the restroom before arriving in the area.
2- But what happens if you did not feel the urge when you arrive in the area, and after spending an hour and a half convincing someone that a 4,000+ deep hole in their property is a great idea, you suddenly have not only an urge but sever bladder distress?

I have found the solution to this dilemma:


Waya said...

A man gotta do what a man gotta do!! Just don't get caught.

We've been there with many trips back and forth to NJ to visit the in-laws. That's 4 hour drive with 3 kids under six. So if two are out like a light and the other one had to go, well...we ain't stopping. We actually used a "LAY'S" potato chip can once. Now you won't look at Lays the same way again!! Sorry.

dennis said...

Waya: I might never eat another bag of chips again!!

Anonymous said... guys are lucky you HAVE that option!

Jenny said...

Remind me not to drink anything in your car.

Man...and victor thought my car was scary.

dennis said...

someday I might tell you all about my brother car and his carpet, upholstery, wallpapering of the car with fast food bags, cups, etc..

Diana said...

I cant for the life of me pee outdoors, I freeze up with fear of getting caught. As for the bottle....eeeeewww. But you guys ARE lucky to have the option, we just have to risk bladder infections...

Anonymous said...

I drive ALOT too, I find that a handy McDonalds and Starbucks have the best potty rooms. I thought this blog was going to go in an entirely different direction as to the shrinking of our nation. Shameful!
And ONE more thing, PLEASE do not throw that thing out the window! Ick!!!!!