Sunday, September 03, 2006

Girl.Imps new Vocab List 10 hardest words

We have round two on the vocab list -- approx 25 words. It took girl.imp around 10 seconds to read them, only because she was going so fast that she had to:
a) stop for breath
b) go back and read three words that she skipped (and continue from that point forward).

1o- blue
9- three
8- good
7- have
6- down
5- saw
4- here
3- will
2- away
1- yellow

I am thinking with the difficulty level ratcheted up this high for g.imp's classes, I might have to enforce her new bedtime rules and allow her to watch 'the Late Show with David Letterman' in its entirety. Perhaps I'll allow her to drink a little gin and smoke unfiltered cigs to ensure she is not bored in class.

OOOOOR, I could go with wife.imp's suggestion and start having g.imp spell these words...