Tuesday, September 05, 2006

daddy is running a fever today

girl.imp said her prayers for bed:

...and help make daddy feel better tonight..."

me: I can't give you a hug and kiss because I don't want to get you sick too.
g.imp: that's ok daddy. You can touch my shoulder instead.
me: ok (touching shoulder). Love you.
g.imp: goodnight daddy (hugging shoulder)

I feel better already!


Jenny said...


I was going to tell you to feel better soon but it's hard to follow the g.imp.

Sweet stories like that make me all melty inside.

Mama of 2 said...

Hope you are feeling better. I know being sick is horrible but being a parent and being sick is even worse. If that's possible.

g.imp was so sweet. When our kids act and say stuff like that it just reminds how great it is to be a parent.

Carla/blog-o-licious said...

get better big.imp!

dennis said...

Jenny: Many thanks. G.imp woke up this morning and told me she was going to pray to God, Jesus and Mama Mary to '...give my some of their strongest strength..'

But then she stopped talking, cocked her head to the side and then followed up with: '...but they can hear me anyway because they are always around. So I won't have to say that in my prayers tonight!'

I constantly feel better with g.imp around! :)

Mama of 2:Yes, I actually was asleep in bed by 8p.m. But the wife.imp and the imps got home from dinner. I got back to bed around 2 a.m.

Carla: Thank you! Am working at it. Bye the bye, for some reason I am unable to post on your blog. I must be Techno-clumsy.

But I am a diligent reader.

Waya said...

That's too cute! The children are your meds, ya know. Feel better!

Diana said...

awww. I think my fever just spiked three degrees because my heart beat a little faster! (Yep, sick here too!)
Can't give my son my favorite good-night kisses tonight...makes me sad.

Diana said...

oh yeah, feel better, dude. and my mall story is up...still working on the dinner story.

Carla/blogo-licious said...

You fine sir are no techno dummy. I was stupid and went to blogger the beta version and the bugs aren't worked out. You can post a comment if you do the "other". I wanted to change back, but there is no reverse on blogger, dang nab it!