Thursday, September 07, 2006

The freak Geek in Me actually speaks

As the new Vice-President of AGPAAS (see Jenny's post 'No Kidding' on the Sept. 4 blog over at Mama Drama. Feel free to use the link on this page), I feel it is time to use my newfound position of authority to improve the intellectual dialogue over here at the playground.

To that end (and I know this conversation was a bit premature as I had not yet received confirmation of my new position with AGPAAS) I decided to open an intellectually stimulating conversation with wife.imp Tuesday night:

me: So do you prefer the episode (M*A*S*H) with Radar only or with Klinger only?
wife.imp: huh, aren't they both the same?
me: (well yeah, except one is semi-psychic and the other is a cross-dresser)...ok how about with Col. Potter v. Col. Blake?
wife.imp: Potter. Blake was just too goofy...I do like Winchester better than that other one...
me: Frank Burns?
wife.imp: yes. He just seems too -- incompetent -- to be a 'real' surgeon.

Yes, we had that conversation. Yes I have not only corrupted the wife.imp to the point she is a baseball fanatic (read: A real Reds fan -- apologies to Chag but if your gonna be a fan, be a fan of a team that started pro ball, not the team that buys it every season) :)

Do you think chag picked up on the mid-market jealously there?

Anywho, I have mentioned before how wife.imp has actively sought out baseball on the radio, sets football on t.v. (without my asking) and even sat through a Dr. Who marathon! It seems now I have her hooked on M*A*S*H Yes, I know this to be true because I have watched her absently flip the channels seeking out this show. I have such a good life here at the playground!

However this is not the worst/best topic we have covered recently. After flipping through 30 odd channels the other night, I popped in the first LOTR movie. About midway through the 'good wizard' and the 'bad wizard' fight (I know...I know just prop your eyelids open a few moments more and I promise you we'll move on). About mid-fight wife.imp asks a leading question about the 'bad wizard's' motivation.

Talk about an open door! The Geek in me could not help but surface and smother all my best intentions to keep the answer short!
Thing is, wife.imp managed to stay awake through my discourse!

Ok, moving on to the last topic of senseless conversation that has recently enthralled us:

Has anybody else lost all respect for Sally Forth as a decision maker? I mean we actually will make tsking sounds and emit moans of discuss with every career decision this 'woman' makes! wife.imp has been driven to such levels of frustration as to actually lecture me (preaching to the choir) and threaten to write the cartoonist to vent her frustration!

Quite honestly I would be happy to sign that letter because he has turned a strong-minded, career-woman into a parody of Walter Mitty (the Walter Mitty at the beginning of the book but without the daydreams). I am even finding that Blondie is a better model of a career woman!


Mama of 2 said...

I love M*A*S*H!
I agree like Potter much better than Blake. Enjoy Hot Lips once they got her away from Frank Burns. And missed Radar when he was gone. Also like Honeycut more than Trapper.

Hubby and I watch the show every night on Hallmark as we are laying in bed getting ready to fall asleep.

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

Bad wizard/Good Wizard.

Reminds me of the Evil Michael Knight with the fake mustache. I think his motivation was just to have a faster car.

Jenny said...

The cabinet met and has confirmed your appointment as VP of AGPAAS. Let the inauguration commence! Let us burn tiny guinea pig effigies inside of aquariums!

Also? MASH give me panic attacks. After that one where Alan Alda loses it because the woman smothered her chicken/baby? I was done.

I can't even hear the song (which is apparently about suicide...fittingly enough) without getting all angsty and wanting to run out of the room.

dennis said...

Mama of 2: wife.imp also liked B.J.H. over Trapper John. Hot Lips goes up and down in my books. I think she was just too needy for much of the show.

Tony: I know. I was tempted to throw down the names, Gandalph and Saruman, but decided I would put fewer people to sleep...

jenny: I am burning furry little rodent effigies as 'we speak'. AGPAAS shall sweep the nation, we shall be the vanguard of a new movement (cough cough) ahem...

Oddly enough we played the song, briefly, in marching band. Until some of the seniors found the lyrics (yes, the original movie had someone singing the lyrics of the title song 'Suicide is Painless').
Just to put your mind at ease, I was a freshman at the time...