Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Mystique of the Mysterious Rally Cap - and To Cheer or Not To Cheer That is the Question

While watching our team (Cincy) eek out a victory on the diamond tonight, the color analyst brought up Rally Caps.

wife.imp: what are rally caps?
me: Rally Caps? They started with ball players wearing their hats inside out (see above for proper wear of the rally caps) in order to start/or continue a come-from-behind rally...(several minutes later) ...and now fans wear them too.
wife.imp: (merely looks at me, eyebrows raised)
me: Yes! Grown men (and boys) believe in the powers of the inside out hats to help them win games!
wife.imp: oh, I get it.
*******what wife.imp really said: Huh? They actually do this? Really? How sad. Hey, didn't you play baseball when you were younger?

Does it mean anything that I worked up to an adrenaline high while describing the necessity of the Rally Cap and that wife.imp' s response was toneless and she refused to make eye contact?


I will preface this ancedote with the following: Our parents raised us with the belief it is better to be the person on the 'field of play' for whom others cheer than it is to be on the sidelines doing the cheering.

girl.imp's school sent home homework last night in which the imp had to list some of her wishes for when she 'grows up'. Her number one wish?

'I want to be a cheerleader!'

wife.imp's response: OHHH NOOOOOO!

My response: Cheerleader? That's not a sport!
(Yes I know how tough it is. I took the course in college. Of course I mainly took it to meet girls -- I know, I suck) Wouldn't it be cheaper if she played in a sport and did not cheer for it?

I know. I know. I suck and I am cheap!


Waya said...

What's next? Inside out whitey tighty on top of the uniform? Yes, I'm rolling my eyes too.

And cheerleading? "Bring it on" and "magic fingers", I think that's the term...what's not to like?

Jenny said...

Cheerleading. *shudder*

I'm right there with you. I'll support Hailey in whatever she wants but please God, let it be debate or tennis rather than beauty queen cheerleader.

But not baseball because that rally hat thing is ridiculous.


Diana said...

heh, rally caps. I've never seen them before until here, today. You sure you're not making them up?
I wonder what your parents will say when you tell them what g.imp wants to be...

dennis said...

Waya: are you dissin' the power of the Rally Cap?? Have you never heard of not walking under ladders, not letting black cats cross your path? We are talking about powerful, mystical forces here!

Jenny: I know! I shudder thinking about the future!

diana: Ha! No. I would be making up rally whitey tighties! (thank you waya) but not the Rally Cap!

My parents will spoil her and love every minute of it. You see they are grandparents now. Their job is to encourage (ie...spoil outrageously) and they do such a wonderful job of it!

Rebecca said...

I say suck it up and let her cheer away if she wants to!!! Of course, I was a cheerleader way back in the day, so perhaps I am a bit biased that way. And FYI, rally hats really do work. Its magic.

Mama of 2 said...

We had a coach on our spring coach pitch team that did the rally caps thing all the time. I personally never got it but thanks for the info Dennis.
I still think it's rather silly -- so the wife.imp and I are in agreement.

dennis said...

Mo2: yes, and the two of you shall never meet! :)

rebecca: I used to think you were alright...:(
The rally cap comment just saved you! LOL

mothergoosemouse said...

Oy. I had a conversation last night with a friend whose daughter is a cheerleader. The associated fundraising efforts - not to mention the guilt-tripping of the parents which inevitably leads to more outlay of cash - blew my mind. I had to fundraise of course, but it was a lot different.

Plus - the real shocker - this high school doesn't even have proper athletic fields. Let's divert some of those fundraising dollars away from tarted-up uniforms and toward an actual STADIUM.

Sorry. Rant over.

dennis said...

mgm: your rant is always welcome!