Friday, September 01, 2006

Sometimes I really really do wish to hide behind a newspaper while eating dinner...

Sometimes I have this dream where I wrap layers of duct-tape over the imps mouths:

There is nothing like sitting in a crowded restaurant and having boy.imp stand up in his high chair and announce to all and sundry "I tooted!"

It was after this 'restrained' announcement that wife.imp prompted girl.imp to tell me about her dream. Well first she was upset that I did not sleep in her bed last night:

...but her dream was that she was taking a bath and I came into the bathroom, whipped 'it' out and started peeing in the toilet. Then I noticed a virus on girl.imp and started to pee on the virus (an by default, on g.imp as well), which then jumped from g.imp into the toilet where I peed on it ending its brief existence...

There are so many images in this dream that have freaked me out that I cannot begin to address them.

Not here anyway.

I might just have enough to start therapy sessions tho'.


creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

When your kid announced that, you should have gotten up with your hands in the air and yelled "No Way!! SO DID I!".

That dream is really creepy. That's why I always pee in the yard.

Diana said...

Tony, geez! I was going to say that (about the tooting!) Dennis, you know my son's vocab is still limited, what I forgot to add was that he also tells me when he is "kaka" and "pee-pee". And he holds back for no one. I'm going to have to write a post about what he did to me at the mall!
And, yeah dude, creepy dream.

dennis said...

Tony: Actually I might have done, but I was busy keeping girl.imp in her seat so that she did not stand up with an identical proclamation!

diana: looking forward to your post about the mall!!