Sunday, September 17, 2006

Smackdown in the Playground

Today the imps put us in our place:

Verbal Smackdown #1:
boy.imp: mommy! I hate daddy!
wife.imp: you hate daddy? why? what did he do to you?
b.imp: Yes! i hate daddy! He's mean to me! He's a mean chicken-head!
wife.imp: he's mean to you?
b.imp: He makes me brush my teeth!

Verbal Smackdown #2:
girl.imp: mommy, you and daddy are meant for each other!
wife.imp: we are?
g.imp: Yes! You never smile. Daddy doesn't smile either, and you both are mean to boy.imp and me!

Here is another gem from the car:
boy.imp: I want a mint! (girl.imp grabbed two from the restaurant as we exited)
girl.imp: here, this is yours.
b.imp: thank you 'girl.imp'
wife.imp: Thank you 'Ate' (ah-tay)
(wife.imp is big on sibling respect. she believes that this is one of the ways in which families stay close and it is traditional in the Philippines. Ate (ah-tay) is the respectful nickname given to older sisters)
b.imp: 'girl.imp'
wife.imp: Ate
b.imp: 'girl.imp'
girl.imp: what?
wife.imp: Ate
b.imp: girl.imp
wife.imp: Ate!
g.imp: What?
b.imp: 'girl.imp'
wife.imp: ATE!
girl.imp: what!! I'm right here!
b.imp: thank you, Ate!


Mama of 2 said...

I so far haven't been blessed with the "I hate mommy" and I'd like to keep it that way.

dennis said...

Mamaof2: Although I think this will come to pass for you, we are passing along our best wishes for things to turn out the way you envision :)

Waya said...

That was hilarious Dennis! Yeah, I got the "I hate Mommy" smackdown too and it wasn't fun. But lots of kisses afterward was better.

BTW, the tv is still here. Guess you didn't get to do all those things in your comment huh? Your comment gave me some comedic relieve enough that I deleted my original post BY MISTAKE on the hubbie's CrackBerry (that's what we're calling it b/c we even brought it on our mini getaway!!)

dennis said...

Waya: The kisses afterward do take the sting out of the 'hate you's'

No, I ended up with imps that came down with hoof'n'mouth...foot and mouth and had to stay home.

LOL - I bet you hubbie tried hard not to tease you (if he was smart anyway).

Diana said...

OMG he called you a chickenhead? do you know how insulting that is? (seriously, if a teenage girl is called a chickenhead, it is BAAAAAD)
I didn't know you went around servicing older guys with *ahem* favors...