Wednesday, September 27, 2006

dropping off of the face of the earth

Well, since we crashed and burned last week, I started this week out on the road. Driving. Driving North. Driving East. Driving South. Driving West.

I did so much driving I was tempted buy a riding mower just so I could burn it. (why a riding mower? I have no idea, except that one has to drive it!)

I have listened to almost all the books on tape from the local library, except danielle steele. That could happen soon!

In Other news:
boy.imp was on the potty tonight, talking with wife.imp and just started crying. BIG.TEARS. wife.imp yelled for me and pointed at b.imp.

w.imp: I don't know what happened! We were just fine! He was sitting here talking and then he started crying!
me: 'b.imp', are you fake crying again?
b.imp: (looks at the floor then looks up laughing!!)

It is official folks! We have two burgeoning actors in the family!


Waya said...

Oh man! You're in trouble now!

Anonymous said...

...Maybe they will mention you in any acceptance speeches.

Diana said...

LOL! Fake crying with real tears? That's talent. I hope my son never learns that, he only has the sobbing-with-no-tears part down...