Saturday, September 23, 2006

Microsoft, I apologize

Today I find myself in the unusual opinion of having to change my opinion. I would like to categorically extend my apologies to Microsoft for the 'deranged' rant I posted earlier this week. In my anger I hastily posted a rant that demeaned the craftsmanship and professionalism of the good workers at Microsoft.

I would like to state that this apology is in no way based on the fact that the very next day after I posted said rant that my computer crashed. Utterly. Completely. Without Hope.

( very careful folks! Microsoft is out there and it IS watching!!)


Waya said...

BIG BROTHER is watching!! So, what did you get? A new computer from them delivered to your front step?

dennis said...

waya: No, I just went down to the Microcenter and purchased a 17" laptop. If this one crashes, I will, at least, be able to beat the neighborhood strays with it...