Thursday, August 31, 2006

I already do not like the education of girl.imp

I had a hard time staying quiet during the meet the teacher day, last week. She handed out a list of vocab. terms for her first grade students.

My first thought was cool! Girl.Imp finished the 6th Harry Potter book recently and did need help with a few of the words. This should help.

Then I saw the list was chock full of words like: Ice, swish and I.

I almost drew blood, biting my tongue. This was the vocab. list?

My shopping list at the grocery store is full of words much harder to pronounce.

It was at this point that wife.imp (during my first rant) reminded me I am somewhat of a literary snob.

Therefore I am offering my apologies here and now to any current and future teacher of my imps:

'You will not meet my expectations and standards and I might occasionally give you the impression that I do not approve of your techniques. It is merely that I am an overzealous prat and should considered slightly insane on occasions in which we have direct interaction. If I do approach you, the use of tranquilizers is approved.'


Mama of 2 said...

Well we have our meet the teacher evening next I will certainly have something to share on the subject at that time.

We have been lucky through Little Man's school years all 3 of the them (K-2) that he has had wonderful teachers who were very receptive to talking with parents.
Hoping this year's teacher is of a similar vein.

Diana said...

I used to be the one telling my teachers "That's it?" When it came to such lessons. I was always bored in class because it took me half of the required time to read or do an assignment...*such a geek*
They started moving me to the older classrooms for my lessons but would never skip my grade...
don't be surprised if g.imp gets to go to other classrooms for her reading and vocab lessons! (if they do that kind of thing over there...)

mothergoosemouse said...

"swish"? Huh?

And "I"? That's a LETTER. Not a vocabulary word.

Here's three letters for g.imp's teacher - WTF?

Waya said...

It's sad the education system here in the U.S. has gone down as well. I just saw the headline in our local school that the 2006 SAT scores have gone down a bit, and our town is on the top 20 out of the possible 400 or so schools in Massachusetts.

That's funny "WTF" from mothergoosemouse.

Rebecca said...

I find that really sad. My kids are grown, but I remember that my daughter (the oldest) went through the regular old-fashioned way of learning to spell. And by the time my son, (only 18 months younger) was in the same grade, the school had gone to some spelling by phonics crap where actual spelling was ignored. It really put him behind from what I could tell. I mean, he eventually caught up, but it was much more of a struggle later on to actually have to learn correct spelling.
I have very little faith in our educational system anymore.

dennis said...

mama of 2: We have another meeting Tues. I realize I am bragging some about girl.imp's ability, but it is going to be too true that she will soon be bored.

However, while she can read the list, it does not automatically follow that she can spell it. I see extra homework soon!!

Diana: I have already considered her skipping a grade. I am not so concerned with her working ahead, as long as it is not like when I graduated high school with our top student being the ripe old age of 9.

mgm: Love those letters!! I am have tempted to throw down with the teacher using them!!

waya: any good houses for sale near you?

rebecca: I fluctuate between the need to support our education system and the desire to burn it all to the ground...

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

What kind of word list is that? You should ask the teacher when DOG, CAT, and BALL were joining the list.

And then have you kid spell out obnoxious to her.