Saturday, April 21, 2007

5 More Questions!

Yes, Pageant Mom forwarded 5 questions (because I volunteered. Did I learn nothing from my near enlistment into the military those many, many, many moons ago??)

1) What is one word that describes you best and why??

Delusional. I am a thin guy in a fat man's suit and I keep thinking I look svelte but occassionally will find myself eating that bowl of chocolate covered ice cream after 11 p.m. That and I am a slave to the golden arches but claim that I eat healthy.

Can you recognize your faults and still be called delusional?

2) If you won the lottery, what would be the very first thing you would do (after passing out cold and having to be revived...)?

1) Pay off the bad debt
2) Invest in our retirements
3) Set up a family fund for college tuitions
(to be accessed only after it sits collecting interest for at least 5 years - nothing less than a 'B' average will be acceptable to keep on this dole. 'Cause if you're getting a free ride on my $$ you better be studying!!)

3) What one physical possession do you own that you think most defines your personality?

My new Palladium Shoes!! KIDDING!! (They are Suh-weet tho!)
Acutally it is my laptop! Yes, the portable computer. Its a dependable, hard-worker, sporty, versitile and the potential is untapped!

4) How do you think the internet has changed society the most?

I think it has made it easier for people to communicate without really getting to know each other. It builds a world-wide neighborhood, except the neighbors are not asked to go outside and interact face to face. So we are creating a lot of intimate strangers.

5) If you were to be reincarnated, and you could NOT come back as a human being, what would you come back as and why?

Silk threads! I can see by the expressions on your faces that you doubt me. Ok, follow the logic:

First the worm will squeeze the threads out its a** (ok, not a pretty beginning but...). Then the thread is collected and processed and reformed into 'sexy' (see, I am moving up in the world) lingerie. Said clothing article is purchased and worn by hot babes and I spend the rest of my life caressing said hot babes...

Or life as Cougar sounds interesting. Mountain views, free to roam, no cell phones/pagers/text messaging, no shoes where the shoelaces constantly come untied and drag through cold, wet, bacteria-enriched puddles...

You can keep this going by posting the rules under your answers!!
Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
You will update your weblog with the answers to the questions.
You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


Maria said...

I have also thought about the whole "intimate strangers" thing.

I know lots of bloggers, but unlike my real life, I don't invest much emotionally in them. Not because I am a bitch (although that word HAS come up before), but because I just know better.

I have met 4 people that I met online. One turned out to be a closet racist, another was simply god awful boring in real life, a third had the table manners of a monkey with ADD (and we are talking food spraying out of her mouth!). The last was a keeper, my friend, Gi Jane. We have actually gone on a road trip together and I ended up smoking a joint (I hadn't done that in YEARS as I am now a role model) and singing "Aubrey" by Bread. ("And Aubrey was her name. I never knew her but I loved her just the same. I loved her name...")

One out of 4 is not a great track record. So, I am very realistic about online friendships.

A lot of things look best on paper...yes?

sweatpantsmom said...

I have to say "Silk threads" is the most unusual answer to the reincarnation question I've ever heard.

Rebecca said...

Intimate strangers. I like that.
It sounds so sexy and mysterious.

dennis said...

Maria: I would hazard a guess that 1 of 4 is actually a great ratio!! However if you stopped with only 4 attempts...

SPM: Yes, but can you see the genius of the selection??

rebecca: that's me, sexy and mysterious!!

Pageant Mom said...

Great answers - I think daily we meet (if we're lucky) a 1/4 ratio of normal ppl to weirdos. We just don't always recognize it because we didn't get to know each one on a personal level before ACTUALLY meeting them, and we don't go into meeting the folks with pre-conceptions with what they are supposed to be like... JMHO

LOL silk threads (shakes head...)

Thanks for indulging me !!!!