Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm a little confused on the proprieties here

When one flashes the priest during mass, does one get a free pass to heaven? I mean, is this like during the middle ages when the Church sold indulgences?

Flash a priest and receive an instant pass to heaven? Or is this more or less jumping with both feet into the basket racing the other direction?

Before you ask, I did not flash the priest. Girl.Imp did. During Easter Mass we arrived later than most, yet still before Mass started so we were relegated to standing in the back of the Church in direct Line-Of-Sight of said Priest. It was during one of those moments when everybody was seated, so that she was more easily observed, that she decided her tights needed adjusting. So she flipped the front of her dress up to her shoulders and grabbed her tights, pulling them out as far as they would stretch then began a sawing motion to pull them higher. Flip, pull, AND repeat.

We stood there absolutely stunned. I mean, we TAUGHT her better, did we not?

Ok, so she also likes to smell her armpits, while dressed to the 'T's and make that PEEEEE-YEEEEW grimace. But to calmly flash a priest during the celebration of Mass during the most Holy day of the year??? (yes this would also include Christmas and St. Patrick's Day)

At least girl.imp is in fact a girl imp!


Maria said...

I see nothing wrong here. I often adjust my bra straps during mass and check to make sure the girls are in there securely.:)

God knows that tights itch and pull. Simply ask girl imp what Jesus would do if he had to wear tights. Yup, he'd be a tugging and a pulling too.

Liv detests tights and I long ago gave up trying to make her wear them. I hate nylons and the first thing I do when I get home after wearing them is to REMOVE them as fast as I, I feel her pain.