Tuesday, April 10, 2007

James Taylor is Dead to Me...

No, I am not boycotting his music, he had done nothing to be targeted by my ire...I was just driving and one of his songs came on the radio and I turned to wife.imp:

"Who sings this song? I know his name! He's that guy that looks like Bert! You know, from Sesame Street?"

wife.imp: Yeah, well not when he was younger and had hair!
(note to self: do not make fun of aging rock stars that wife.imp adores...)

Which means that if James Taylor is Bert, then Jack Black HAS to be Ernie!

Sooo on a personal note, I have to admit that I am aging. I've known for years that aging is not something I will be able to escape. Gray has mixed in with my beard but what has reaaaally begun to disturb me is that the gray has also migrated ... lower.

At least the hair that tries to gain a foothold by growing out of my ears still retains some pigment!!


Maria said...

I am salt and pepper too. But, JAYSUS...not down there.

My condolences to the wife. Maybe you should invest in some Miss Clairol.

And ear hair can be um...sexy. Well, shit...I'll never pull that whopper off. Can't you just stuff it back in or something?

Mommy de Gallo said...

Wait till you have it growing off the TOP of your nose! Sarge's has started to sprout. Endless amusement and torture for me.

You know, I have always had a thing for causacian men going salt and pepper. Especially when it comes in just on the temples, and then on the beard just at the corners of the mouth. You know, like an aging Bruce Wayne in the old Batman comics, and Dr. Strange's goatee. Yes, I'm a comic book dork and it colors my world.

DD said...

You could just shave EVERYTHING and call it a day.

dennis said...

maria: ear hair and sexy?? I might not ever eat lunch today

MdG: You rock!

dd: hmmmmm...