Friday, April 27, 2007

It's been a while, so what has Boy.Imp been up to?

Yesterday, boy.imp decided to get the evening rolling:

b.imp: mom, you've got a big butt

Later he was curled up on me and I was in the process of shifting him off of me when he reached down and squeezed.

b.imp: daddy? Is that your ping-ping?
me: (turning my head to cough--sorry but some learned movements are hard to get over)
b.imp: daddy?
me: uhhh--yes.
b.imp: why is it sticking up?

at this point wife.imp began to seriously monitor our conversation...(and no! I was not in one of those 'excited' states. Let's just say I that I am happy with God's bounty)

me: uhhhhh...Because there is no where else to put it.

Even later, boy.imp was staring at my face (ok, I thought it was my face)

b.imp: daddy, why do you have so much hair in your nose?

Based on these conversations, I think I will simply refuse to undress when he is anywhere near...


Maria said...

Um. Ping ping?

Liv once had a friend in pre-school who called her vagina her "gadget." I never got that one.

But, what the hell do I know? I still call it "down there" when talking to my doctor and I am a grown woman.

DD said...

I'm having this mental picture that you and wife.imp are a couple of bridge-trolls. Whatthahell?

dennis said...

maria: does that make your doctor, 'Dr. Gadget'?

dd: bridge trolls??????????

Mommy de Gallo said...

Ha-ha!! Sarge has started closing the bathroom door *AND* the bedroom door when he takes a shower. If Piko has friends over, he locks them.
He's taking no chances.

James Burnett said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! "Happy with God's bounty!" And you're modest, too ;-)

I swear, the more you share the more I both admire your savvy and fear the day when I become a parent.

dennis said...

James, thank you. I hope that someday I'll see the Grand Plan, but right now I am happy with the role of a 'bit' player. From what I've seen in your writing, being a dad won't be as difficult as you might imagine.

KC said...

Hooo boy!

Nowhere else to put it! You really said that? Great reply.

dennis said...

kc: well, i've found it is better to be honest and give them an answer that is not too complicated...