Wednesday, April 11, 2007

When One Cannot Think of Anything to Say

because wife.imp wants nothing in print that would be embarrassing...

Meaning Sex is OUT (not that talk about our sex life would be embarrassing, I know that I have no complaints aaaaaand, more to the point, I have not yet heard her complain...). Anyway I am off topic. The imps did nothing today that would be noteworthy...well blogworthy.

So I am back on my fall back position of my great, worldwide, Google Anonymity:

- Berlin
- Hungen, Hessen: Search= 5 seconds addicting games:
Dude, if you can break away from these games in 5 seconds then you are MY IDOL!

- Bellville, Ontario
- Deseronto, Ontario
- Bedford, Nova Scotia

Costa Rica, San Jos, San Jose

Portugal, Pontinha, Lisboa: ISP Address=Centro Informatica do Exercito - I am being researched by the Portugese version of the CIA! : Search=imp speaks - Every day. And I can be heard here:!!

Italy, Rome, Lazio: ISP Address=Telecom Italia S.p.A. TIN EASY LITE, Search = Imps: The Church is searching out Imps on the Internet?? I am disturbed on many levels...

- Ryde, New South Wales
- Melbourne, Victoria

Singapore: Search= imps waiting for what: ummm, i guess the usual. Halos, Forked tails, Triplets, Lottery Numbers that actually get picked by the Ping-Pong Ball spitter outer machine and not just my dreams...Did I mention triplets?

Spain, Valencia, Comunidad Valencia

Panama, Paitilla

- City of Industry- No! Really? In California?? the land of fun, sun and surf?? What's next Spuds in Idaho?

- Berkeley - I am now fulfilled as a blogger!!
- Harbor City: Search= Stick figure torture game at Two things leap to mind. 1)living in a city that is essentially a harbor would drive me frackin' nuts. 2) I understand the search

Maryland, Annapolis: Hello to the Cadets!!

Pennsylvania, Easton- Cool! A city named after one of our Malls!!

New York:
- Potsdam: Search – Matt Damon, north Andover, Ma:
My Matt Damon Factor is Alive and Well!!
- Centereach

New Mexico, Las Cruces: Search - fat man couch potato- thanks! have you been speaking to wife.imp? :(


Maria said...

Fat man couch potato?

I am always looking for new pet names for Bing and this one sounds interesting.

As in, "Are we going out for dinner tonight or are you gonna make me watch you act like a fat man couch potato?"

Yeah, that could work.

dennis said...

Maria: well, I can see that if you give him a beer first...