Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bi-Polar or Menopause?

The personality change was instantaneous, scary, not something that I could have ever foreseen.

We arrived at girl.imp's martial arts class early and boy.imp was still a little sleepy from the ride. We no sooner were seated when boy.imp started on a tear jag that I have not witnessed in a long time.

Big, fat, ladybug-drowning tears splashed down his cheeks and soaked my shirt...Nothing had touched him. He had not fallen down. He did not run into anything. No fever, no bug bites...Nothing!

Finally I coaxed an explanation from him...'i want to put my shoes away...!'

His shoes were off his feet and stacked neatly under my chair. Apparently he was offended that we had not thought to put them in the shoe rack where the students' shoes were stacked....

Girl.Imp walked into the house today and was immediately hooked by Dr. Who (Doomsday). Or as g.imp knows...'the show with the lady in the wedding gown!'

Yes, the indoctrination has begun. As niece.imp (nka: n.imp) is not a huge sports fan, and with such limited time availability, any sports brainwashing efforts would be time wasted (re: Buckeyes Spring Football, Reds Baseball, Indians Baseball).

However, Dr. Who has made inroads!!

On our way to martial arts, g.imp asked: "...does God like Dr. Who?"
me: does he what?
g.imp: Does God like Dr. Who?
me: I don't think God really cares about the Doctor
g.imp: Yes he does! Because God is everywhere and the Doctor is part of God's creation!
me: Oh?? Yes, then God LUUUUUUVS Dr. Who!!

Yes, folks! Blaspheming our way through life here at the Playground!!


Maria said...

The only sport worth watching is Cornhusker Football.

dennis said...


It's already just spring football and we all know that they are out of contention for any national title hopes... :)

Carla said...

I thought the only sport to watch was Mariner baseball....

dennis said...

I would have agreed with you back when they had Jr.


a healthy Jr.

sweatpantsmom said...

I certainly don't blame boy.imp.

I've been known to burst into tears when my shoes aren't where they're supposed to be.