Sunday, February 11, 2007

As Heard at the Playground This Weekend

(I was visiting with my parents, hooking their house up for wireless internet)

girl.imp: mommy! Mommy, boy.imp pooped and needs his diaper changed!
wife.imp: (insert text here --b.imp's diaper was off by the time wife.imp arrived on the scene. In her words, the diaper was empty and the pile that lay on the bathroom carpet looked like ear of corn that had been burnt on the grill)

b.imp: I want medicine (g.imp has strep and was taking her meds)
me: You're not sick. You don't need medicine.
b.imp: I want medicine too!
me: You're not getting medicine. In order for you to get this, your throat would have to really hurt.
g.imp: yeah, but your throat will only hurt for the first two days. After that it won't hurt anymore but you will have a cough and runny nose.
b.imp: I want strep phroat!! (running out of the room and wailing--VERY.LOUD)

New This Week:
Wife.Imp's Video Pic:
"White and Nerdy" by Weird Al Yankovic


Pageant Mom said...

I LOVE that video. Firstborn got Weird Al's newest cd for christmas this year - Check out Canadian idiot (you have to listen careful cause he sings it so fast) makes me want to go have a Tim Horton's Donut and Lablatt's Blue light (yes, together!!)

Christina_the_wench said...

It's always a poop thing with your crew isn't it?


Diana said...

Never a dull moment at the playground.
I love that song! I played it for my hubby when I heard it a few onths ago and he couldn't stop laughing.

dennis said...

pageant mom: we luv the way that you roll!
christina: i guess it could be worse...we are 'mostly' past the projectile vomiting stages
diana: nope, and we just got rejected by 3 babysitters! We're not the Fun family on the block anymore!! :(

Diana said...

dude, THREE babysitters? Oh boy, your kids have built up quite a reputation there...LOL!

Mommy de Gallo said...

At least you're making an effort to find a babysitter. Mr. de Gallo and I are so anti-social, and out of the loop we don't have anyone to put as our "in case of emergency" contact person.

We've passed the poo stage, and are onto the wonder of farts. Between the Mr., Piko de G, and the dog, our house could work for the Military developing bio-weapons.

And of course, I never fart.

dennis said...

diana: our primary sitter has a baby fetish (she is 13) and is a cheerleader. she will be lucky to see the dark side of 20 without having one of her own. However she will probably also be deliriously happy...

M de G: I was in my teens before I heard of any girl/woman farting...sad aren't I?