Sunday, February 04, 2007

Proving my Unyielding Anonymity

Google Searches

Raleigh, North Carolina: Pinched my sister’s butt.
Hoookay: I see you are well on your way to proving the clichés to be true

Newport News, Virginia: Sexy Imps
Well since being married and modestly humble means I cannot ‘pimp’ myself or my wife, then you will have to be satisfied with my picks;
1) Audrey Hepburn – even dead she is still the best
2) Keegan Connor Tracy (you can see her on the Sci Fi Channel in the show “Jake 2.0”)
3) Billie Piper (recently of Dr. Who fame)

Glasgow City, Glasgow, United Kingdom: Going for the Snip
Good luck dude!!

Blacksburg, Virginia: “Trophy Husband”
…ummm I am off of the market. But a picture (along with a quick review of your financial status) would never hurt…

Jacksonville, Florida: "Do You Know Your Spouse" "Game"

No, we were an arranged marriage and we still live in seperate countries. The game game is to guess how we both have three children since our marriage, even though we have never lived closer than 10,000 miles apart..?

Have you thought of visiting, one of THOSE stores that are advertised next to most truck stops along the freeway? (although the next game might be, how do I pay for certain meds without the wife finding out...?)

Los Angeles, California: Incessant Burping Cure
If you find out, then let me know. However, if you are younger than 25, I might suggest quitting the Frat..?

Louisville, Kentucky: Monkey Speak No Evil clipart
…is there a story behind this that is more interesting than this blog (how can there not be..?)

Kagoshima, Japan: Voltes V
Still a family favorite

Rochester, New York: No search term
Hello, Extreme Mortman. Y’all come back now, hear? Justdmarine
—I have neglected you (unintentionally) but this will soon be rectified.

Washington D.C. (dare I hope/dread coming to the attention of White House staff/management??), Karnataka, Bangalore, India and Seattle, Washington: Imps
(see Sexy Imps above)

Hope Valley, Rhode Island: Walmart Barefoot.
Yes, we have them out here too!

San Salvadore, El Salvadore:'gestures'

Proving that my ego has been flattened:

Stops: 1 page, 0 seconds – Oh, come on people!! Surely you can find something you liked..??

York Springs, Pennsylvania
Seattle, Washington
Waterford, Connecticut
Albany, Georgia
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Wolcott, Indiana
Houston, Texas
Denver, Colorado
Nueva Ecija, Quezon, Philippines – You know, I am fairly certain I know who you are…
Valdosta, Georgia: 4 visits and you cannot even look around?? Come on! We won’t bite…much
Marshalltown, Iowa: 2 visits (see Valdosta, Georgia above)

Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada


creative-type dad said...

At least you're not getting google searches like "spanking", "monkeys" and "kfc"...most of the time like, uh... a good friend of mine.

dennis said...

Tony: Yes, Betty has been talking a lot about kfc recently


Diana said...

it worries me that the hit you got from my state is about Wal*mart. Please don't think that was MY google search....or was it?? LOL!

Christina_the_wench said...

I'm officially scared now. Thank you.

dennis said...

diana: that's right! however, I realized long ago that WalMart spread through the world like the flu virus...

christina: what you need is some alcohol to calm those nerves. We have lots to drink here at the Playground! (please do not inform the media tho) :)

That Chick Over There said...

I love to look at my Google searches. Recently I had one that was something like, "Bertha's thighs" ROFL!!!