Monday, February 26, 2007

"Six Strange Things about Me" Meme

Every so often I realize that I missed out on something around the Playground. So I have to fall back on other things and the latest meme to go around the bloggernet is this one.

Just in time to bore you:

1: I cannot stand being around sick people (strangers, relatives, friends, cats, dogs, birds, fish...myself). I've been this way since visiting my grandmother in the hospital (I was 14 or 15) just before she passed. Come to think of it, I do not really enjoy being inside of hospitals either.

2: I love books! I love to read. I have always loved to read. I finished Alex Haley's 'Roots' when I was 9 years-old and the LOTR trilogy by the time I was 11. By the time I was 14, I had finished every Ray Bradbury, Zane Grey and Alexander Dumas book I could find.

I do not have a lot of faith in my math, science and foriegn language skills. But I do like me my books.

3: I have been hit, as a pedestrian, by 2 cars, ran a car into a culvert ditch and flipped a car at 65-miles-per-hour, but the worst 2 accidents I have had outside of a car were:

  • when I was 6sh, I ran my bicycle full-speed into a curb, trying to pop-a-wheelie, and ended up somersaulting over the handle bars and landing on my face. My mouth was numb for approximately 30 minutes and I really, really chipped my upper, front, two teeth.
  • when I was in college I tried to beat 4 lanes of traffic while doing my daily jog. I would have been ok, but a couple (newly dating because they were oblivious to everything as they snogged on the street corner) were standing in the middle of the handicap ramp. I tried to jump around them and landed awkwardly on the side slope of the ramp. Turns out I blew out all the tendons on the outside of my foot. The doctor told me I would have been better served if I had broken my ankle.
  1. I was in plastic casts for 6-months.
  2. I was poor and I was a waiter.
  3. I had just started dating wife.imp.
  4. I rode a motorcycle with a foot shifter. Care to guess which foot was injured?
  5. I ended up walking from my apartment to classes (approx. 2 miles one way) on crutches.
  6. I was injured in the Fall.
4: I used to love to eat radishes. Raw. No dip. Since nobody else in my family will even lick a radish, I have been radish-free for 8 years now.

5: For the first 5 years of our marriage, wife.imp got the dresser to put her clothes in and I got to use a suitcase and a two-drawer cardboard dresser. Thing is, I was never pressed for room in the 'dresser.'

Oh, I am a clothes whore now, but back then two pair jeans, two see the pattern don't you?

6: I have been banned by wife.imp from ever entering a used book store or used record (LP) store. I have over 500 books (I have read most of them) and over 850 LPs. I would love to fill room after room with them but wife.imp selfishly insists that we actually do need things like beds, dressers, tables, sofas etc...

Matt Damon Factor is hereby applied


Mommy de Gallo said...

You could just make furniture and living items out of your old books and CD's.
Sarge is not much of a reader, and it makes me a bit nutty. He did however read Frank Miller's "300" in preparation for our, AHEM, MY, lovefest. He was quite proud of himself,and had declared that he has officially read a "novel" in a day. Yeah, a graphic novel.
I think that you should use the name "Matt" and "Damon" separate from each other, and see if you get the same counts. Would it make a difference you think?

dennis said...

MdG: I like to go with the horse that brung me to the race and the search factor was "Matt Damon" --Yes the searches were all from Australia and probably the same person...but I like to be optimistic! :)

creative-type dad said...

Dude, you need to stay off the sidewalks.

Pageant Mom said...

Dang! and I thought MY husband was accident prone!!

Radishes Anonymous. Who knew?

dennis said...

pageant mom: I did spread all this out over the period of 38 years. Most were packed into the first 19 years of my life.

I did not even mention the 3" scar on my side from falling out of a tree at age 4 or the chip still missing from my collarbone from when a stick tried to go through my neck - age 13, or the nail that ripped its way down my leg when my work partner dropped his end of the load of 8' long wooden planks...

come to think of it, mom and dad probably celebrated my 21st with much more vim and vigor than I did...

Diana said...

Radishes anonymous...LOL!

Yeah, you're a magnet for accidents. I hope the imps take after the wife...
I'm a clutz, too though. My son seems to trip over his own feet while walking in a straight line so I think he took after me.

dennis said...

The imps are crazy with grace!

Thank you :)

wayabetty said...

Ouch ouch ouch! I'm impressed with your literary ability Dennis!

I love to read too but not like you, anything you would like to recommend? I love the Fantasy fiction genre books. I'd read the Eragon trilogy b/c I love kings/queen/dragons etc...

I was never into the Harlequin/romantic "junk", I guess girly stuff.

dennis said...

Here is a shortish list (I know I have forgotten many books/authors, but this should be a good start):

Piers Anthony : Incarnations of Immortality (this is a series of 7 novels), Apprentice Adept (3 novels in the series)

Ray Bradbury: seriously anything he wrote. However the Halloween Tree was remarkable!!!!

Terry Brooks: The Shannara series, The Kingdom of Landover series

Steven Brust: Vlad Taltos series

C.J. Cherryh

David Eddings

E.R. Eddison: Eric is a fun read!!

Neil Gaiman: American Gods, Anansi Boys

Terry Goodkind: The Sword of Truth series (9 novels)

Katherine Kurtz: Deryni novels (16 novels)

Mercedes Lackey: Valdemar books, she also had a book about Elves in L.A, cannot remember the title...

Michael Moorcock: Elric series (8 novels)

Andre Norton: I've read mostly her earlier works

Terry Pratchett: Discworld.
Wyrd Sisters (or any book with Granny Weatherwax)
Reaper Man

Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman:

Parke Godwin : Waiting for the Galactic Bus (MUST READ)

Jennifer Roberson: Chronicles of the Cheysuli (8 novels), Sword Dancer (6 novels)

J.K. Rowling (I did not start reading Harry Potter until the 3rd movie. But the books are very good)

Fred Saberhagen: The Books of the Swords (3 novels)

Christopher Stasheff

Redneck Mommy said...

I have read damn near every book you just listed above me...and I own most of them too!

I am a radish lover too! YUM! Ever try them sliced and placed on buttered bread? Yummy!!!

I knocked out my brother's two front teeth when he was ten because he kept throwing worms at me. I stuck a stick in the spokes of MY bike HE was riding WITHOUT my permission, I might add. He went ass over tea kettle and landed face first on the cement.

I kinda felt bad for him. I tried to find his teeth. But I felt worse when I realized my bike was wrecked.

Yah, I was wicked. He has since forgiven me. He just sits on me and farts when ever he gets a chance to nowadays!

dennis said...

RM: U Da' MAN!!!!