Tuesday, February 27, 2007

You Know You Wanted to Hear More from Boy.Imp..

Dissed by boy.imp:
After his bath Monday night, boy.imp decided to question me on the color of his socks:

b.imp: what color are my socks
me: ummm gray
b.imp: blah blah blah, no they're not
(walking over to his dresser and pulling out pants)
b.imp: these are gray and these, daddy are you looking? Daddy, you need to listen to me! These pants are gray and these pants are gray. My socks are darker. So they cannot be gray. They are black! Not.Gray. Black!
me: smiling (you suck)

Tuesday Troubles:
Just before sitting down for dinner b.imp requested a diaper change. So off to his bedroom where he demands that we wait. He is not quite done filling the diaper. So he stands next to his bed, leaning on the mattress with his eyes scrunched tight and proceeds to grunt.

Me: hoooookaaaay! Call me when you're done.

Multi-tasking at bathtime:
In order to push boy.imp into his pj's faster (hence to bed sooner), I brushed his teeth while he was in the shower. Now, if I can only figure out a way to clip his nails at the same time...

Wednesday Woes:
Last night I walked into the house and remembered it was trash day. So I start policing the house in preparation of taking that last bag to the trash can and hauling the whole, lumping mess down to the end of the drive.

b.imp: Daddy! The floor is got mud on it. Daddy you put mud all over the floor!
(yes, boy.imp should have been in bed. yes, boy.imp is PO'd!)
me: Ok, I'll clean it up in a minute
b.imp: Mommy! Daddy put mud all over the floors. Mommy, daddy made a mess
me: ok...OK! I'm cleaning it up! Go back to bed.
b.imp: ok. Goodnight daddy.
me: (smiling) goodnight...(you suck)


DD said...

What? You don't clip their nails when they are sleeping? That's true multi-tasking.

If you pull each limb out and hold it over the trash can, you don't even have to worry about the clippings (unless one goes flying, which is both unfortunate and rather disgusting).

James Burnett said...

Hmmm, who tought b.imp to narc on daddy? That's not good.

Just teasin'. Hey, at least he's starting off with good sensibilities about keeping a clean house.

Mama of 2 said...

Dennis...you do realize that you need to be taping all of these wonderful imp conversations for posterity sake, right?

They are just too darned funny.

Diana said...

hehe- I'm with james, the boy should be on YOUR side, not 'narcing' you. (I haven't said narc in so long...)
That boy is too funny, but I ask: why didnt' you ask him why HE wasn't in bed instead of inspecting the floors (which I'm sure you would have cleaned anyway, right? RIGHT???)

dennis said...

dd: wife.imp still enjoys clipping the imps nails

james: boy.imp has a definite sense of clean. As for who taught him how to narc...girl.imp has been a wonderful example...

Mo2: and video taping but we have to be content with just telling the world...

diana: I did not ask because he is always up and working us for a few more minutes of awake time. And yes, I did run my socked feet over the mud stains to clean them up!

Thank you very much!!