Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bad Day At The Office

So Dennis, we have unburdoned ourselves and shared bad days at the office. So what about you? We know that you are a working dad (now) and you must have something to share..?

Yes, although my office here at the Playground rolls on four wheels and the only annoying people I meet up with on a regular basis are the morning disc jockeys at (name your station. If they are on the air, they are ass-puckeringly annoying. (sorry honey)).

So my bad day took two days to really set in. Yesterday I wanted to get up early to conduct some on-site research at a courthouse 2 1/2 hours from home. This means I would need to leave before 6:00 a.m. to arrive early enough to do any meaningful work.

Boy.imp woke up around mid-night Tuesday with a sever, sore throat. With medicine and wife.imp's TLC he eventually went to sleep resulting in my staying home (flexible hours) all day Wednesday.

Thus my schedule for the end of the week is off course. Today I crammed some research in with talking to actual people but only worked 1/2 the hours available to me because I had to rush home for a Parent-Teacher conference.

So this brings us to the 'bad day' part of my work. I stopped at a gas station to fill up on gas and to obtain some brake fluid because the Idiot Light in the dash was screaming at me. During this stop I:

a: Cleaned out and threw away the trash from my fast food banquets--along with my car keys, house keys, key to my parents house...

b: had to stand inbetween all the gas pumps (where the trash bin was located) and "Dumpster Dive." Yes, I was up to my elbows in empty pop/beer cans, soda cups, and auto related chemicals, about 1 bazillion cigarrette butts and handfuls of ash-filled mud and it took me about 3-4 minutes of emptying all this garbage on the ground around me before I found my keys!!

c: Yes, I actually upped the ante and went for the tri-fecta. I thought I purchased Fuel Injector Cleaner (at this point, I would like to state the bottle was clearly marked in English and I do have more than a passing understanding of the English language). After pouring about 1/2 a bottle of Power Steering Fluid into the gas tank, I added another bottle of fluid to the growing pool of muddy ash to the ground around my car.

I am mere minutes away from the scheduled Parent-Teacher conference. Any bets on how well this meeting will turn out??


Waya said...

Bad day you say?! You're killing me Dennis. Sorry but I was laughing with you, really, not at you.

Hope you'll have a better day tomorrow.

Pageant Mom said...

Poor thing. I'm sure the teacher didn't notice a thing... you better check and see if she has a blog you can follow up on though just in case...

Hope you have a better day soon.
If not, I'll send you my new therapist's number! (sorry, can't share the meds :o(

Anonymous said...

Musta been "Bad Day Thursday" or something.

Hope today is better.

Anonymous said...

Hey, who knows, you may have stumbled upon a new type of fuel. Power Sterring Fluid may increase gas mileage! Or clean the system better than fuel injector cleaner!

Well, I tried.
But I must ask: how the hell did you manage to throw the keys away?

Diana said...

okay, that anonymous comment above? MINE. I didn't know it went in 'anonymously'!

dennis said...

betty: of course you were...wife.imp was laughing with me, wife.imp's co-workers were laughing with me, the imps' babysitter was laughing with me...

pageant mom: actually, I did not have to do much speaking and thus came off looking like a caring, concerned parent...hmmm...

diana: Well, when I exited said office, I had my wallet/credit cards/cell phone in one hand and the trash and keys in the other. I actually remember thinking, 'ok, make sure the key ring is around one of your fingers or your gonna drop the whole mess...'

and by now you know my propensity for checking each list once (re: our recent Christmas trip)

Diana said...

you know what- at least you didn't pitch the wrong hand into the garbage, then THAT would have been bad.
Get a man purse! LOL!