Friday, February 23, 2007

Unrepentent Unrelenting Blog Anonymity

A few weeks ago I followed the trend about posting the odd Google searches that ended up on my site. Since starting this blog, I have felt blessed to associate with the 3-6 people that occassionally stumble through our Playground.

However, today I have to admit that I am...



Not only do I have a limited review here in the States, I seem to have suckered in a few visitors from overseas:
  • Hanoi, Dac Lac - Vietnam: 1 page view, 0 seconds
  • Maleka, Malaysia: 1 page view, 0 seconds
  • Canberra, Australian Capital Territory - Australia: 1 page view, 0 seconds, search term: Matt Damon
  • Midgeton, Queensland - Australia: 1 page view, 0 seconds, search term: Matt Damon
  • Strethall, Cambridgeshire - United Kingdom: 1 page view, 0 seconds
  • Serbia and Montenegro - Belgrade: 1 page view, 0 seconds
  • Rsunda, Stockholms Lan - Sweden: 1 page view, 0 seconds
  • Dushanbe, Khatlon - Tajikistan: 1 page view, 2 minutes 22 seconds

(For my Imps-In-Law from the Republic of the Philippines, I know you are frequent visitors. Thank you!)

So what can we learn from these visits?

  1. My caramel imps do not interest the majority of our worldwide visitors
  2. Matt Damon is popular world-wide. I might just stick his name in my daily posts to 'keep 'em coming back for more!'
  3. The people of Tajakistan are a bright, discerning people with wonderful taste :)

Now to the search terms:

  • Imps (search origin: USA) - We have 'em! We love 'em. We even manage to sometimes tell you about them! :)
  • Meme 'My Fine Is' (search origin: Buffalo Grove, Illinois) - Please stop back and let us know how 'bad' you are!!
  • Kitchen Imps (search origin: Mount Vernon, New York) - boy.imp and girl.imp both like to 'help' us cook. We have caught boy.imp on more than one occassion washing dishes in the kitchen sink. Dishes are optional.

Search Origins whose name alone makes me want to visit:

  • Collegedale, TN - what college is located here? (if any)
  • North Andover, MA - is there a South Adover?
  • Mount Holly Springs, PA - with a name like this, the waters must have curative powers
  • Abbeville, South Carolina - must see historical sites (am assuming there are historical sites)
  • Newtown Square, Pennsylvania - Of course I must see this town's square - new or old!
  • Kingfisher, Oklahoma - Must.See.Kingfishers


Pageant Mom said...

Like, you are soooo global!!! Will you remember your old fans when you are famous???

I don't come up with anything interesting on my search, even if I have dealt with self-inflicted head wounds, and pantyline issues all in one week...


dennis said...

pageant mom: of course we will remember our early (re: Only) fans. If you looked carefully at the stats, we might be world-wide but the Playground had no Staying Power!


It looks as if the Playground is merely a fad. Like Disco!!

Mommy de Gallo said...

What exactly are you doing? It has started snowing here, and my pre-anger at my inconsiderate neighbors is affecting my ability to think.
How you do that?

dennis said...

MdG: the secret is to mention Matt Damon as often as possible in your blog!

I mean I do that once and have frequent and repeated hits worldwide?

That is star power!!

(not that the women peeing while standing was all that bad either...)

Mommy de Gallo said...

You mean I can't mention semi-obscure Australian actors and get the same response?

But seriously, what are you doing? To find the stats and stuff. Though basically to see who is looking at my Blog, I just have to come here. said...

Hi from Abbeville, SC. We are known as the birthplace and deathplace of the confederancy. Lots of old stuff to see. BTW, came here from link on Pageant Mom by way of Surburan Turmoil. Great Blog!

dennis said...

SHRYMA: hello!! Welcome to the playground! I'm going to research Abbeville to see how it managed to bookend the confederacy.

PM and ST are two of the stellar mommy bloggers. I also try to visit them often! :)