Sunday, February 04, 2007

Spackdown at the Playground II

background: boy.imp is in the process of dumping the giant, green tub of toys in order to get at his 5 or 6 toy cars.

wife.imp: don't take all of them out!
b.imp: Be quiet mommy. Focus on your computer!


OKDad said...

Oh man, I am dying. Was wife.imp too angry, surprised, or laughing hysterically to reply?

Don't come between a boy and his car(s). A lesson that all should heed for future reference.

dennis said...

okdad: wife.imp was both surprised and laughing hysterically

Diana said...

okdad said it best "Don't come between a boy and his cars"... even when they are trying to smuggle five of them to daycare under his coat.
I would have totally laughed, too. That was funny.

wayabetty said...

Well, at least he used the word "focus"!