Monday, February 19, 2007

maybe I should be worried sooner than later?

girl.imp: daddy, what did you dream about last night?
me: (legs, sunsets...) umm, the sun
g.imp: do you want to know what I dreamed about last night? I was blah blah blah blah ...
and then I was saved by a Unipeg that flew down and carried me to safety!
me: What's a Unipeg?
g.imp: It's a cross between a Unicorn and a Pegasus!

later in the a.m.

(i am reading the crossword puzzle. Our paper has two, one local and a crossword from the NY Times. G.imp is reading the clues for the NY Times)

g.imp: Daddy! I think I know the answer to 13-Down. (the clue is giggle) It's Laugh!
me: (counting squares) Looks good to me!
g.imp: I also know the answer to 32 across
me: here's the pen. I'm getting breakfast.


creative-type dad said...

Unipeg? I take it that's a Liger's cousin, right?

Mama of 2 said...

Dennis loved the crossword part. Your last line made me giggle. I am not any good at crosswords but my grandma loved them. This post made me think of her.

dennis said...

Tony: That would be correct. We had Liger's here two years ago. Girl.imp now prefers to be called, "Queen of Lions, Tigers and all cats..."

Much simpler that way.

Mo2: She got the second clue correct too! Good memories are fun to have aren't they?

Mommy de Gallo said...

I do the crossword daily as well. Piko de G is not reading or writing yet, but I'll find my half finshed puzzles filled in with random symbols and shapes.
If I manage to complete one, we have a "Mommy is the best crosword puzzler in the world!" dance that we do.
We don't do that dance very often.

Chaos Control said...

Clearly your kid ... brilliant!