Friday, February 09, 2007

Girl.Imp takes over todays blog!!!

Yeah Baby!!

Last Christmas, I got a Bratz doll. Her name was Pheobe but I didn't like that name. Instead I named her Sapphire. She is very pretty and her feet can come off.

Ummm, she has a little dot right beside her lips and it is a beauty mark (why do people call it beauty marks? Good grief!).

She has a pretty skirt and shirt. Her shirt has little sparkleys on it and her skirt, if you open the flaps like frills, under it is silk. :)

It's very, very silky.

She has pretty earrings. If you were her, I would buy you (only if you were a girl, because I have never had a boy Bratz doll)!!


dennis said...

wife.imp would like to stress that she was not responsible for gifting the Bratz doll to girl.imp

Mommy de Gallo said...

THE EYES!!! they follow you where ever you go! We are currently avoiding the Bratz aisle at all costs.
PS. The husband and I are having an argument. What the hell are "buckeyes"??!?

dennis said...

buckeyes are trees native to Ohio.

The actual mascot 'Brutus Buckeye'

resembles the nut from said tree

sweatpantsmom said...

Dear Girl.Imp,

I wish I knew where you lived, so I could have sent you the two whole bags of Bratz dolls and accessories that I gave away three weeks ago. This is because my daughters got "tired of them." Not that this will ever happen to you.


dennis said...

Dear sweatpantsmom:

Thank you for the kind thoughts, but no thank you,


Pageant Mom said...

Gizmo says Bratz rule, Barbies drool. I swear. (gotta love Mommy's little monster ;o)