Saturday, March 03, 2007

We are Stuggling as a Family

No...the marriage is rock solid! The Magic is still in the bedroom, the dining room, hallways, family room, stairs, laundry room...

...but not the Kitchen!

We just cannot get 'In The Mood' for food--so to speak. There is no desire to cook. There is no urge to plan the fam menues. It's not that we are out of food. We are out of creativity for cooking food. In the past week we have had the 'Upside Down' day three times (re: breakfast for dinner).

  • Hot dogs and eggs and rice (yes, spam and eggs can work here too)
  • Oatmeal
  • Pancakes

Meanwhile we have meat frozen and waiting for that creative inspiration to hit. However, short of the 'Takehome Chef' materializing, we are stuck with the food funk. Even the leftovers are being shunned (until they grow enough 'fur' that they can walk themselves down to the corner on trash day).

So today we had the 'What do you want for dinner' conversation:

wife.imp: I don't know what to cook..!
me: I don't know. We have food in the freezer
w.imp: I don't know...I don't have any ideas
me: I know. Not that nothing appeals...
(silence - but it is somehow heavier..?)
I suppose I could go throw something on the stove
w.imp: (pause) Ok!
(knowing that I would have to go start throwing raw, frozen meat in a pan, toyed with not doing today's blog)
w.imp: I don't know. I feel guilty now.
me: (really??? Can I capitalize on this?---Silence)
w.imp: (waving a package of frozen meat through the kitchen door) I really don't have any idea...
me: Weeeell, we could go out..?
w.imp: (SMILING) OK!
me: (now I just have to pick someplace she'll like...)


Mommy de Gallo said...

Ugh, I feel your pain. Tonight we stopped at Sam's Club to grab some croissants and a rotisserie, crap, chicken on a spit.
I am so sick of cooking. SICK OF IT I TELL YOU!!!
Sarge has noticed that Take Home Chef only goes home with cute chicks.

dennis said...

I noticed that too. But I'd almost shave my legs for a gourmet meal I did not have to cook...

thongs and see through bras are not optional--yet

Mama of 2 said...

I go through with what you all are struggling with a lot myself. And with us being on a strict budget I seem to even feel the pinch more.

It's tough to just cook the same things over and over again though and spicing it up works for me but with the picky eaters in my family that's not always easy.

Good luck with it all and I hope you had a good meal out.

Phil said...

Yup. Us too. Especially since we started homeschooling. I just don't have the time or energy to focus on food. It usually comes down to the last minute, searching for something in the pantry and fridge to make edible.

We do eat lots of brown rice (10 minutes to cook) along with chicken breasts (throw them in the pan frozen, and cook on low) and some sort of sauce from a bottle (teriyaki or lemon ginger). Can of green beans (Italian, cut, or French), a sliced apple, and voila! There's a meal.

But I can only do that so many nights before the kids start whining.

Sometimes when I'm completely stuck, I just make peanute butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids, and have salad for me and the wife. I don't like a big meal at dinner anyway.

Today, I spent most of the day building a closet organizer. 6 o'clock rolls around, the wife has no interest in the kitchen, so what do I do? ORDER PIZZA!

That Chick Over There said...

We go through this from time to time also. Our lives are just stupid busy and we often have things to do in the evenings and it just does not bode well for our meals.

Since I joined WW I've found I'm really concerned about planning meals, so that's helped somewhat. I know that's not REAL advice, so I apologize.

Ooh, hey! If you are motivated by money, much like I am, I can tell you that it costs a LOT less if you plan out your menus than order a pizza or chinese food.

Does that help at all?

creative-type dad said...

We use to go through this, but then they opened a Whole Foods near us. They have prepared food there.

If all else fails, there's always cereal.

dennis said...

phil: we've done that to death. i'm half expecting a call from the local pizza shops to inquire as to our health...(we've stopped ordering this week)

Mo2: for the record (and for the $$) dinner was good. It was a Mexican, not-a-chain, restaurant and this family has done wonders since they opened. If we had the cash, we'd be there every night.

Phil: part of my prob is that my food tastes involve dishes that only I will eat. So my menu selections are boring the hell out of me at the moment. however, I just remind myself that no matter what, it beats the hell out of fast food. However, I sometimes do long for the Arby's drive-thru

TCOT: I just want want someone else to cook me a gourmet meal at home every night!! Is that too much to ask for??? :) LOL
Ok, time to go back to the KISS philosphy for cooking.

Tony: I have been giving that serious thought!

James Burnett: read your answer to my question on your Friday blog good suggestions. thank you

Mitch McDad said...

Planning meals blows. And my kids are to crazy to take out very much. And they barely eat anything. Ahhhhhhh!

wayabetty said...

Don't we all have the same problem. I do all my cooking on Sundays, and since my sister lives next store, she makes a few dishes and then we swap. Great set up huh?!