Thursday, March 15, 2007

As Heard Around the Playground

boy.imp: mommy when I grow up I don't want to be a doctor
wife.imp: why?
boy.imp: because doctors are girls

On the bright side, I still have my left-side infielder...

on explaining to girl.imp why boys are different from girls.
wife.imp: ...remember boys don't grow up. They just get older...

on the phone at the end of the day with sick boy.imp:
me: honey? so what time are you leaving? I've got this pounding headache. I've had it all day.

I finally found a babysitter that could come watch the imps on short notice (10 minutes) so that wife.imp and I could go out. To watch a 'date movie'. This, of course means that the movie about the 'Biker with the Flaming Skull' was out. 'Black Snake Moan'? Out. 'Hannibal Rising'? Out

No we went to 'Music and Lyrics'. A Romantic Comedy. Of course I agreed on the outset. I'm no fool. This was a light, frothy movie that was more like brain candy.

Of course I was thinking that after the show, in order to pump the testosterone levels to near normal, I would have to go get into a fight or find a stage that involved dancers, floor to ceiling mirrors and a pole.

However the comedy was tight. There were no real lags while the 'drama' played out and the dialogue was pretty good.

I would probably not turn this over when it comes out on cable next month.


creative-type dad said...

I would have just smashed beer cans on the head.
That always gets the testosterone going.

Mommy de Gallo said...

What no 300?!?!
On another note, you can almost do no wrong with a movie staring Hugh Grant.

DD said...

Coming from a man, that's a glowing review. My husband tries to maintain his levels by quickly drinking his cola and belching during the loud parts.

He's so romantic.

dennis said...

Tony: That would be viable but only if I drank.
MdeG: No, we both know how the movie ends and even with the buff, oiled male bodies on display, wife.imp would rather a comedy whose ending she already knows
dd: I did not think about burping during the movie!! Probably because I was angling for some LUV'N later!!
That and my mama brung me up better :)

That Chick Over There said...

Also, I think I would like to join your family. Maybe just for a little while.

dennis said...

TCOT:Not many people will have the nerve to make that commitment...