Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sit back and relax. Take a moment. Have that sip of beverage...

girl.imp's notable weekend quotes:

'It's supposed to touch me here (mid-thigh is where she is pointing), you touched my vagina'

'Daddy, do you want to play with me?'

So now that you've heard the quotes, here's the context:

We were playing a game where we roll a ball back and forth and try not to let it hit our legs. For each time you let the ball touch your leg, the person rolling the ball gets a point. If it rolls 'dead center' then no points were allotted as that girl.imp declared that area of the body officially 'out of bounds'.

I love the way she thinks and hope she keeps thinking that way for many, many years....

The second quote was about two hours later when she finished dinner and wanted to resume the game (I was still eating dinner...).

Wife.Imp and Boy.Imp have a conversation:
w.imp: are you happy?
b.imp: yes
w.imp: who's more fun, Mommy or daddy?
b.imp: daddy
w.imp: who plays with you more, Mommy or daddy?
b.imp: daddy
w.imp: who loves you more, Mommy or daddy?
b.imp: daddy
w.imp: who do you love more?
b.imp: Mommy!


Undercover Angel said...

LOL! Kids are so much fun! It's so cute when they come out with things like that...

Mama of 2 said...

Thanks for the context explanation...if you hadn't done that I still might be wondering.

I love your kids btw.

Maria said...

Mommy always wins. It is a rule. The one who carried you around for 9 months and didn't drink a drop of liquor is most deserving.....

And it is GOOD that your daughter says "vagina." Liv and I once knew a child who called her vagina her 'gadget" and that always made me gag.

And Liv is farther along than I am. She can say vagina to her doctor. I still say "down there."

Mitch McDad said...

Classic on so many levels.

I pay my kids to say they love me more.

Diana said...

My son always says he loves Daddy, and then he sees the look on my face and changes his answer...screw that, you HAVE to love Mommy more! (Read what Maria said- three times! and let it burn into your brain DENNIS! LOLOLOL!!!!!)

dennis said...

ok, i had individual remarks but blogcrapper would not let me save them so...thank you for your comments.

I hope to have less vile thoughts coursing through my mind once blogger and I come to the understanding I neeeeeed functioning software!!