Saturday, March 10, 2007

snippets and little ditties from the playground

wife.imp: "dorks are geeks that are not smart. and geeks are dorks that -- that are smart"
wife.imp:"No, sh--!!"
(often in response to an observation of mine)

wife.imp: I still have this headache. It doesn't seem to be going away.

me: ahhh, it's all in your head

Verses wife.imp likes to sing to the kids:

"I smell cake and ice cream scoop, I smell boy.imp's stinky poop"

"I try hard not to get wet and not to see boy.imp's pwet (butt)" (sung at boy.imp's bathtime)

Coming soon: Stupid things I have uttered over the years.


DD said...

I believe this makes your wife a geek.

dennis said...

dd, you said it not me...ok, i've said it too!

Maria said...

I would die of embarrassment if anyone knew the stupid songs that I sing to Liv. I was caught once by a neighbor and he would sing this song to me each and every time he saw me.

I had to kill him.

dennis said...

maria: of course you did. i am of course writing this from an undisclosed location...