Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sleeping through my errands and Target the new Port-o-Let of Parents with toddler imps?

How can one ascertain 100 percent that something is not quite well? Let's say that if you fall asleep at the wheel (while parked) in line at a 'quickie' oil change facility. Yes friends that was me yesterday. However the kind employees of said facility allowed my nap to stretch to 10 minutes.

(they apparantly took bets on how long I would actually sleep but when I stayed asleep it was decided that they needed to actually do some work, so someone had to tap on the window to wake me up)

Did you know Target is a cure-all to constipation? Wife.Imp noticed. No, she was not the one in need.

Boy.imp is the recipient of the newly-discovered, curative powers of Target. It seems no matter the day, time of day, or even if he just had his diapers changed. He will fill them 'to the brim' when shopping at Target.

Of course this also could mean that somehow Target has affected his psyche and now just being in the store literally scares the crap out of b.imp..?


Mommy de Gallo said...

Strangely Target has a similar effect on Sarge. But it might be the Super-duper-grande Starbucks drink he always insists on getting.
I'm going to start carrying some Bathroom Ninja in my purse.

Diana said...

LOL! I would have loved to have been in on that bet! Gawd, Dennis, go home! Go to bed!
*I really, really, can't stop laughing about this!*

Pageant Mom said...

Be careful where you fall asleep, you could wake up in strange places... (or maybe that could be an interesting adventure!!)

I had to quit letting Gizmo go up in the hamster runs at McDonalds because every time she would get up there, she'd do a royal dump and wouldn't come down and I'd have to climb up there to get her!!! (thank goodness she's soooo past that!)

Anonymous said...

Another blog about poo?