Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday at the Playground

sure it is St. Patrick's Day. sure girl.imp is HYPED! She marked it on the calendar last week.

'St. Patrick's Day. T.V. all day'

and she watched t.v. all day (except for the OSU v. Xavier bball game--GO BUCKS!)

after the game and some gratuitous pushing of things around the house to make it look neater, we had to decide on dinner. Spaghetti was our first choice. No noodles. Roast? Frozen and no fresh veggies. Pizza? Not likely. KFC? Sorry Tony, the bucket did not do it for us. So we saddled up and headed out for grub.

at the restaurant we bought the imps and expensive meal (meaning anything that does not come in a paperbag with a toy) and boy.imp decided to fill up on:
a) lemonade
b) his paper napkin

he finished up the meal by scooping up a humongous spoonful of applesauce and waving the spoon in the air.

girl.imp merely ate her dinner with relatively little fuss and kept commenting on the basketball games showing on the t.v.'s around the room. We could not have been any prouder of her!


Maria said...

No corned beef? We didn't do it either. Actually, my parents both were born in Ireland and they thought it WEIRD that Americans ate corned beef on St. Pat's Day. It was a religious holiday in our family and my mother served lamb stew.

We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and snarfed down fajitas.

dennis said...

maria: no, we actually never thought of having corned beef. Is that an Irish thing?

Being Germanic in heritage, Stuffed Cabbage was my first inclination..OR Pork Roast with saurkraut!!

wayabetty said...

This March Madness thing, I don't get. I guess they don't play basketball like they used to. I'm talking about the NBA back in the 80's where Tiny Archibald, Larry Bird and company were my favs!!