Saturday, March 10, 2007

If You Were A Superhero, What Super Power Would You Have?

Girl.Imp occassionally likes to remind me that, at one time, we used to watch teenage superhero t.v. shows:
- Teen Titans
- Static Shock
- Cyberchase

So she decided to ask this question whilst I was chauffering her to school one morning.

me: ummm...
(X-Ray Vision! I've always wanted that ever since I was a freshman at the State University...But then I'm old enough that it would make me 'that creepy old man'. So, super speed? Flight? Too many military ramifications. I like my freedom and the government already intrudes too much with life here at the Playground, every April, with its hand out asking, 'gotta dime, buddy?')
me: I would want to know what women were thinking.
g.imp: You would want to know what women were thinking?
(wtf? are you really that kind of lame-O loser daddy?)
me: sure! just think, I could charge people a dollar per question! I could make millions!!
g.imp: millions?
me: millions!
g.imp: That would be a great super power!!

Ok, every so often I like to post about boy.imp. Usually it involves poo! His poo. His nasty, smelly, often explosive poo. But not today. Today b.imp critiqued my singing ability.

(If I have never mentioned this, I never Karaoke. Not since my niece booed me off stage at my sister's wedding reception. To be honest I sucked. I was actually relieved that she gave me the excuse to give up the mic. However, my imps do not get to boo me...)

me: When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie...That's Amore!
b.imp: ow! ow! ow! That would hurt daddy!
me: hurt? how?
b.imp: the moon is too big! if it hit your eye, your eye would be bloody and hurt and would die!
me: oh...
b.imp: the moon cannot hit your eye daddy! ow!
me: oooookaaaaay....
(Note to Deano, when you have the time during your celestial repose, can you rework the lyrics and get back to us? B.imp would like lyrics of a less violent nature...)

MDF - matt damon factor has not helped recently and shall therefore not be re-applied for this post


Mommy de Gallo said...

I would want to be "SUPER LANGUAGE GIRL!!!". To be able to speak and understand any language ever, even binary code. There was a character in The New Mutants back in the late 80's named Cypher who could do that. Unfortunately that was his *ONLY* power, and naturally he ended up dying. If they ever make a movie, maybe he can be played by....oh, I don't know....MATT DAMON?!?!

Maria said...

Yeah...would like to read people's minds. That way, I would know exactly how to mess with them and make them worship me in a way that I deserve.

Well...or maybe I could just be able to turn pennies into gold and then I could be rich and who cares about super powers?

That's me...the material girl.

dennis said...

MdeG: Preferrably, I would LUV to watch Billie Piper in skimpy superhero outfits...wish I thought of the language thing. I could aggrevate everyone in the world on an equal basis then!!

Maria: and nobody wants pennies...I so envy your pick!!

Diana said...

I've always wanted to read peoples minds...I've never thought of another power I would like...