Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sights and Sounds Around the Playground


boy.imp: Mommy! Mommy! I want to hug you!
wife.imp: Hey! I'm on the toilet right now!

p.m. during dinner:
me: You know that Kim Possible just didn't wake up sart doing what she does? You know, she had to train and train for years to be able to save the world AAAAAND not muss her hair! She did not even get her own TV show until she was in HIGH SCHOOL!
(we're discussing the philosphy of Practice-Makes-Perfect with gir.imp. -- I did lean over and ask wife.imp how bad was it that we were in public and using a cartoon show to teach good work/practice habits to our imps? Need to discuss a role model in class kids? Come on over--we have lots to choose from: Kim Possible, Scooby Doo, The American Dragon, Jake Long, Hannah Montana, That's So Raven...---Disney sooo owns our souls!!!!)
girl.imp: (very excited) I love how she does the flips and kicks---heeeeya!
me: Yes, but she practices.
g.imp: huh (not so much excitement now)
me: You see it every episode. She practices a lot!

p.m. after dinner:
girl.imp: daddy, you now that once we get home the new episode of Kim Possible will be on?
me: Yep! (kim possible rocks!).

On a side note: After the imps went to bed we watched some Dr. Who episodes (of course!!!). Then we watched a DVD that my brother highly recommends, "Red Dwarf". Having read the books, I have to admit to being interested. It was a 'train wreck'. One of those BBC programs that had little funding but seemed to somehow catch public imagination. I wanted to turn it off. Several times I reached for the remote to turn it off. Almost two hours evaporated before I eventually found the off switch. I still am uncertain as to whether or not I was entertained or just horribly fascinated with how bad the show actually was..?

G.imp managed to hit herself in the eye with the foam stick (approx 3' of padded foam over plastic pvc pipe about as big around as my thumb) and came into the kitchen crying. B.imp then walked in and calmly headbutted g.imp's stomach. I of course yelled at b.imp because g.imp is now wailing.

B.imp runs to the bathroom where wife.imp is in the shower and stands in the open door shrieking at increasingly louder levels because wife.imp does not immediately leap out of the shower to join in on the fun.

Later, during Mass, boy.imp was starting to become...distracted. So I pick him up to keep him quiet. He immediately puts his arms around my neck and begins planting kisses on my cheek. After 5 or 6 kisses he leans backward:

"Ok, can I get down now?"


creative-type dad said...

"cartoon show to teach good work/practice habits"

don't let them watch Scooby Doo.

Diana said...

Funny how these kids know we are suckers for their kisses- but not for long. My son does the same thing, if he wants something, he comes and gives me kisses. Now when he gives me kisses, after the initial "Awww, he loves me.." I'm like "Oh, god, what now?"

dennis said...

Tony, you'd be surprised by how detail oriented those darned kids are. I have not yet seen them fail to take on an unsurmountable taske and fail to succeed!

Diana: LOL I only do the 'oh,god, what now' when one or both start crying and one of us 'adults' was not in the room at the time. Until recently they have been pretty good at playing quietly by themselves...