Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Do you know the difference between being manly and being soft?

I had planned on posting one of my poems, however I discovered a greater need today.

We might need a new pet. Actually we just need a pet, any pet.

We had a cat once...g.imp remembers her. She actually sometimes still cries and tells me she misses the cat. It, the cat, was really not an indoor cat but since we live in a city it could not be an outdoor cat.

So now g.imp and b.imp have taken to adopting ants, however since the 'Great Ant Extermination of '06' they know better than to bring them inside the house.

Worse yet I had to put b.imp to sleep tonight. In order to stop his crying I read him books, played with some toy trucks and pretended my left hand was a kitty cat.

Yes, for over 11/2 hours I had to put my hand on his chest and meow. I had two use two of my fingers to pretend the 'kitty' was tapping his face. During this minor interlude, b.imp would pet my hand/arm and murmur that 'kitty' was so soft.

Yes you read right. My hand/arm as 'kitty' is soft.

Do you know the difference between being manly and being soft?

It is called being a Daddy!


Mama of 2 said...

What a great post Dennis. It just shows what a wonderful daddy you really are. I know that there are a lot of men out there that wouldn't do what you did for b.imp. They would turn around and hand the child off to mommy thinking it was her job to do the comforting. I commend you for your greatness and I hope your w.imp knows how truly lucky she is to have you.

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...


(I think you should get a cat costume..)

dennis said...

Mama of 2: She does now! I forwarded your comments w.imp. LOL

Tony: Sure I get the cat costume. I can just see the w.imp whistling and popping her fingers: "Heeeeere pussy! Heeere pussy pussy pussy..."

I am not sure my ego can handle that...


MrsFortune said...

Haha, what an image. Seriously, sounds like you need to bite the bullet and get some turtles. :-)

Rebecca said...

Here kitty, kitty...hahaha!

dennis said...

Rebecca: oh sure you laugh now...hell you'd probably laugh anyway!!
Thank you!

Waya said...

Oh, so soft Daddy!! Let me tell you about living with an insect lover, i.e. the hubbie. He got himself a tank of sea monkeys (which I will post later), he claimed it's for the kids, but we all know the truth!

And he just told me that "oh, you got to see the coolest ant farm on the net!" I told him we just got Terminix to get rid of those pests and HE's not getting an ant farm!!

dennis said...

Waya: I agree, no way on the ant farm! He should get those Rock Crystal kits where you drop the little 'crack rocks' in water and crystal spikes grow...