Monday, August 07, 2006

Is there such a thing as Blogger Block?

I have been sitting here for hours all of 30 seconds and -- nothing. No ideas.

Ok, I have informed the wife.imp that I am going to let my hair grow (at least until after my sister's wedding in October). I have really red hair and I found (gasp) a few gray strands. I am now on the slow slide to ... whatever it is. All I know is that when red goes gray it looks bad.

However, it will not be a mullet. The front is growing (well I hope the front is growing) as long as the back. This means that I no longer get out of the shower run the towel over my hair twice and scrape my fingers through my hair once. I actually have to run my fingers through my hair 4, maybe 5, times.

Wife.imp and girl.imp have both declared that I need to cut my hair as I have a shaggy look. Yes that was shaggy look, not shaggy locks. My biggest fear is not how I might look in 2 more months, but whether or not the w.imp shaves my scalp while I am sleeping sometime during the next two weeks!

One never knows, if this hair thing goes well, I'll have to get that tattoo and ear piercing! Nothing like getting in on a fad years after it has disappeared!! (honey, you know that I am just kidding about the Tats and piercings...Right?)

I realize this was a lame posting...but it was talking about my hair or posting the poem that prompted my dad to ask me if I was going to jump off of the roof...


creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

tattoo, ear piercing, then comes the red sports car and open collar shirts.

dennis said...

You forgot the excessive gold chains!

Blog-o-licious said... and the overpriced motorcycle, unless you already have one, then by all means, have fun!

dennis said...

blog-o-licious: Nope! no motorcycles. I have owned them in the past but I had to sell one to make tuition my first year of college and the 2nd never ran properly.

Sooo, I have to try and look cool from the front seat of the family mini-van!!

Diana said...

-Saying 'peace' instead of good-bye!
-Actually throwing up the 'peace' sign!