Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Stalling days 1 and 2

Diana over at Stuck In Elmo's World has a wonderful post on how she met her Hubby. I am afraid that I am one of those who promised that if she posted her story, I would post mine. However I do not yet have anything written. But that probably will not fly for Diana because she is already harassing warning me that it is my turn to ante up.

So while we are waiting to hear the tale of how I tricked managed to convince the wife.imp to marry me without having to propose, I am going to post something that prompted my own dad to ask the 2nd most favorite question in my entire life (the 'what are you, a dumbass?' and 'are you an idiot/moron?' and 'are we raising you in a barn?' questions are not applicable).

Dad's question? "Are you planning on going up to the roof and jumping off?"

Please read the following to discover what caused this concern:

In My Dreams

In my room late at night, I ask God to grant the secrets I keep
Secrets that during the day no one hears; not one peep
Everyone thinks me a clown, someone insensitive, one immature
They cannot see the fear inside, the doubts imbedded in my nature

Fears that boil and bubble ‘till with frustration my temper flares
Inept attempts at activities new, I blush and stammer at angry stares
Crimson faced and stumble tongued, Dear Lord! Where can I run?
Far, I want to go deep in the places dark, away from the accusing sun

But bills must be paid, so every day I go to face my shame
My nerves shot, I hold back tears for a child I cannot name
A child full of joy, with a flashing smile and sparkling eyes
Angry inside, I watch helpless every day as part of that child dies

In my bed, surrounded by walls that do not accuse
I can wish to be in another’s shoes
Only at night, I know I can pray to the One whose pity runs deep
When I close my eyes the scars fade, for my wishes are granted when I sleep


Mama of 2 said...

No stalling allowed.
I am also curious about how you and your wife met. I enjoyed Diana's story and would like to hear yours. So hop to it. LOL!

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

I'm curious too. One day I'll post mine-

Diana said...

Hehehe! I did NOT put them up to this! I swear! (But I'm glad they are pushing you.)
I like the poetry, I was a depressed teen for a while, so I have a lot of that dark 'jumping off the roof' poetry.
So in the words of mamaof2-HOP TO IT!
I'm going to go threaten Tony now...

dennis said...

Diana: Thing is, I have never considered suicide and when I was writing these poems, I was fairly happy.

However, I cannot write a love poem or a light, fluffy poem. I am just attracted to the 'dark' side like a moth to a flame!

Mama of 2: I had to stall. The wife.imp found out I was going to post our story and she wants it to be factual, yet pithy...

Tony: you just stepped into the firing line dude! Run now before Diana gets the bit between her teeth! :)

Rebecca said...

Rebecca pulls up a comfy chair and waits for the story........

Diana said...

I'm going to sit with Rebecca, though it seems we're in for a looong wait!

dennis said...

did you see that tony? It has only been one day and already Diana is yelling!

That is not scaring you is it?