Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Filler Post

Nothing much happened today. The Reds lost to a bad Dodger team, blah blah blah. Oh and it was hot.

SO, I have decided to post one of my poems. Just to forewarn folks, I don't do happy and cheerful. I like to walk on the dark side. However, I do not live there. The topics of the poems are not necessarily first hand experiences. That said might I present:

The Daily Grind

"Dear God, would it be such a crime-if I asked you to please stop time?”

While I can still see with the bloom of youth in my eyes
All I ask is time to enjoy one sunrise
I’ve striven to fulfill my filial duty, a hopeless task when trying to live on my meager salary.
Overtime, stress and ulcers are given the most consideration.
To hell with the fact I've never had a honeymoon or vacation!

“Dear God, would it be such a crime if I asked you to please stop time?”

I've a family that I only see when they sleep
But 'tis their waking hours I would cherish and keep
Unable to follow Franklin's advice, I am neither healthy or wealthy nor wise
Will I die before tasting life's pleasures
Can one truly owe so much to Caesar?

“Dear God, would it be such a crime if I asked you to please stop time?”

At last! I've attained the dream.­ Cars we now own! New mortgage on the house!
Yet bills must still need paid and I cannot spend time with friends, family--my spouse!
Is it wrong, cursing the need of money? Is this truly the ‘Land of Milk and Honey?’
Forty hours, five days a week is the standard lie
Now all I ask is to earn enough to bury me when I die!

“Dear God, would it be such a crime if I asked you to please stop time?"


Blog-o-licious said...

One year I received a gift of a calender from a business associate for the next year. He said it was new and improved...I asked him if it had more days in it, I could use the extra time.
I have a plan to buy back my time...

Diana said...

I've been asking him that for years...

dennis said...

blog-o-licious: I find that time slips away when you least expect it. Like on the treadmill it simpy evaporates when I am doing the 5 minute warmup.

diana: God actually did answer: after all I can stay at home with the kids most of the time now.

Too bad I did not ask for more money, eh?