Sunday, August 13, 2006

Remember the first time your parents allowed you to have an ice cream float and how you could not wait to 'dig in'?

girl.imp: What's this?
wife.imp: It's a root beer float
g.imp: I'm not allowed to have this. THIS.IS.ROOT.BEER. It has 30% alcohol!
w.imp: Not it doesn't. It's a soda, just like coke.
g.imp: Oh (was she too disappointed here?)
g.imp: What is that white stuff.
w.imp: That's foam
g.imp: No, that other white stuff
w.imp: That is ice cream
g.imp: Oh. I don't like it. (pushing the glass away...)
w.imp: You have not even tried it!
g.imp: ...Yet I still don't like it.

However, the boy.imp was sucking foam off of the bottom of his glass by the time this conversation ended.


creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

That's great!

When I was a kid, I really thought Root Beer had beer in it too. My friends and I would act like Dudley Moore in that movie "Arthur".

Diana said...

I was never such a fan of floats growing up, but then I'm not such a big fan of ice cream. (No, I'm not from another planet, i just really really really have to want it, which is almost never. The ice cream man hates coming by my block.)
But my mother would sell her first born (NOT ME!) for a root beer float. She looooooves them.

dennis said...

tony: well you know, with root beer having 30% alcohol, I'd have to believe you were doing less acting than you think...LOL

diana: I can see why your mom would want to sell the other child and keep you. Less competition for the ice cream!

I really need a new post. I can hear the musical trillings of a choc/vanilla combo calling my name from the freezer!!

mothergoosemouse said...

30% alcohol? Where'd she get that?

We have similar conversations with Tacy regarding foodstuffs that she should love but distrusts for some reason.

dennis said...

mothergoosemouse: thing is when g.imp was younger we just had to mention food and her mouth opened wide...

Now, it clamps shut tighter than a clam's shell.