Thursday, August 03, 2006

Today's Random Thoughts...

Is it 'normal' for a 21/2 year old to sport a 'stiffy', a 'woody', yes! a full-blown erection. I realize it could be a normal, biological function; full bladder, small body and all but nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, in my past has prepared me to seeing my own boy sporting a 'nail-driver'. I actually had hoped avoid even hearing of a rumor of its existence.
(note: wife imp thinks I am over-reacting slightly blowing things waaaaay out of proportion and would probably let out a disgusted sigh, say something like 'get over it dad', and proceed to tell all her co-workers about my reaction if she reads this post.)

Why is it that the Reds seem to so rarely rise to the occassion recently. I do not even have to watch a game this year. Just tell me two things:

-How many runs did the Reds pitchers give up in inning one?
(they can pitch a no-hitter from inning two on but giving up runs in inning one usually means a loss)
-How many times did the opposing team have someone batting with two outs and two strikes?
(in this situation it is almost a GIVEN that they will score, usually more than twice)

Why is this relevant? Tonight vs. the mostly hapless Dodgers, the Reds pitcher gave up TWO runs in inning one. After 7 innings (with only two more to go) the Reds are down 2 to 0 and the Dodgers pitcher(s) have so far no-hit the Reds.
-Not ONE hit!

My older sib is coming for a visit. Which means the following events have been planned:
- we are walking through the woods Sat looking for bowhunting locations for deer season.

The older sib is an avid hunter. Ok, 'hunter' might not be the right word. Outdoorsman would be better. He has bow-hunted for over 10 years and has no kills. No hits even.
This year I am going with him. He has a secret 'weapon.' He is going to pile corn in the, dare I even say it, the 'killing zone'.
So this year along with not bringing home any meat, he is also giving away the veggies!

- we are going to a surprise party (until it occurs no more shall be said)
- we are going jogging.

Elder sib is an avid jogger. We will be up and out around 5 a.m. (I might possibly be drunk by 6:30 a.m. TOO DAMN EARLY folks!)

- I have to work tomorrow. So elder sib gets to fly 600 miles then ride for almost 300 more.

I would have to classify this weekend as more busy than fun...

When being kissed by the imps, should I be worried that they want to grab fistfuls of my hair and ...
Let's just say that I am very uncomfortable around the kids recently...


Blog-o-licious said...

Is that Griffey kids still around? When I lived in Cincy everyone always talked about when "Griffey Jr" comes to town. We occasionaly miss him here in Seattle, oh well!

dennis said...

blog-o-liciuos: yep! Star Center fielder!

I am probably one of, well, one people on the planet that would be just as happy if Griffey never hits another home run, as long as he stays healthy.

But then I am more a fan of small ball than long ball

Diana said...

My son wakes with a morning stiffy, kinda hard to change his diaper when i have to work around that thing.
And tell your brother whatever the animals don't eat you're cooking for him so the veggies don't go to